Another example of someone not even trying to try.


  1. cool

  2. You sound so energetic today. It looks as if these greenlight stuff are
    slowly taking your life-force away.

  3. Fate/Stay Night Fanatic

    Waiting for Yolo army’s endorsement and bribes.

  4. Phil Mckendall JR.

    Wew another wacky simulator xD

  5. I’m addicted to you Jimbo

  6. Nothing surprises me anymore.

  7. Addict Simulator could work if you made it as a free to play game, with the
    same curve, but no option for payment. Have the people craving their next
    bit of gameplay but with no way of doing it. However, that would require
    more effort than an asset flip would be capable of

  8. I don’t know Jim sometimes Marbles can be pretty fucking dangerous.

  9. The game looks like a visualisation of the game developer’s acid trips.

  10. I really shouldn’t be surprised, but I am constantly disappointed at how
    low greenlight can go…

  11. #fuckingfuckawful

  12. You feeling okay, Mr. Sterling? You usually start these vids with a bit
    more energy.

  13. i don’t think these people would even be good as paperweights, they would
    probably shit all over that paper.

  14. U want Some Drugs?

  15. Someone’s sassy today, Jim~

  16. kekchan biggest fan

    I feel like dying whenever you make these

  17. The idea is actually a decent one. If only it wasn’t a one-note joke that
    clearly glorifies drugs, instead of tackling the real struggles of someone
    that made the poor choices or got the shitty hand draw in life.

  18. this is fucking disgusting honestly. addiction isnt funny. im fine with
    jokes about it if the person knows what theyre talking about and has
    experienced addiction themselves. like some kind of dark jokes about
    someones own addiction i personally find funny. but this is just “lol
    XXxXddDdD drugz r funneh LeL” like thats just disgusting

  19. Came for a shitty game, stayed for a voice able to strip the pants off of
    every person in the room.

  20. Pretty sure that medpasck is from Left 4 Dead

  21. My fear is that eventually someone will take the Unit Z asset pack and make
    Pog Z, with 2d Pogs replacing the zombies, everything else left unaltered.

  22. Jim, I feel you’re being a bit harsh to people who put food on themselves
    so that others can eat off them. It takes a lot of skill and
    professionalism to lie still, during what must be a very ticklish

  23. RockBandAddict666

    You know a game is shit when the fucking Arial font is used in the logo!

  24. 1:39 is that a L4d2 medikit?

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