Activision Is Innocent Because Activision Said So (The Jimquisition)

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Great news, everyone! Activision Blizzard has investigated itself and found no evidence that it did anything wrong! You can totally trust an unbiased source like Activision Blizzard on the subject, right?

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  1. Yarharsuperpirate

    “I didn’t rob that bank officer” Says the guy in a burglar mask running out of the bank with a ton of cash bags and the alarm going off.

  2. Get this Non-binary person a Goddamn Studio! This shit is getting dangerous!

  3. seems like they where trained by the police in investigation

  4. Monday is the world’s day for thanking God of Steph Sterling

  5. I’ve always hated there games i’m proud to say i never played any more then 5mins we all knew you where always right jj <3

  6. TheAquilaSamurai

    They found no evidence because they’d already shredded/destroyed it all =_= Will say I’m rather disappointed that this seems to have flown under the radar on my social media feed. Only found out about this ‘investigation’ result from Nerdcubed yesterday and Steph today. Naff all mentioned about this clear corruption anywhere else.

  7. I don’t think you can separate guilt and Diablo at this point.

  8. I wasn’t expecting them to out right admit it but how can they just deny everything. How can they just clear themselves

  9. If you are a gamer, you should be very worried about this stance:
    Instead of looking at why their games lack the popular support of yester-year, these microtransaction filled corpses of beloved titles, they will just blame the press. Instead of trying to produce something better next time, money and effort will be spent on trying to ‘play down the press.’ Do you, mr. hypothetical gamer, want resources that could go into making your games better being spent on pro-company propaganda?

  10. “Our evidence is that we made it the f@$# up!”

  11. leroyjenkins_2030

    Companies have been pulling this shit for decades when it comes to ignoring environmental regulations. It’s sad that I can’t be surprised by this.

  12. Nature Over Malls

    Mafia investigating itself think I’ve seen this before. Great work, keep it up!!

  13. Curiously, do you know anyone who thinks like a lawyer?
    Could the person who handled this report now be summoned as part of the many other court cases floating around out there? The methods on which they ‘exonerated’ the company would be part of any defense after all, so let us take a closer look at them with an independent third party. Perhaps we should talk to the people behind this report, under oath and in front of a jury that has already seen the rest of the evidence compiled.

    Bet it would do wonders when the Jury deliberates the Punitive Damages stage to see how this company investigates itself….

    Not a lawyer, this is not legal advice, but….
    If they want to claim innocence, let the courts see their records.

  14. I just have one question.
    Who was the BiG bRaIn at Blizz that Greenlight releasing this piece abd thought it will garner positive PR?

  15. Video games arguably may not be an “essential” part of society, but the way the games industry treats their workers and consumers is still deserving of capital punishment.

    Hey, they claim to be capitalists after all…

  16. In all fairness to Bobby Kotick, it was a temporary restraining order. I’m sure all of us had one of those at one point or other.

  17. That’s stinging nettles?

  18. Ah yes. The classic. A criminal investigating their own crime and finding themselves innocent

  19. Jim, I’m flabbergasted by the fact you don’t mention MICROSOFT anywhere in these reports.
    Jokes aside, it IS Microsoft’s problem now. Their name should be tainted by the shit they decide to buy and foster.

  20. “Megatron has fallen! I am the new leader of the Decepticons!” – Starscream

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