Activision Blizzard Sides With Oppressive Chinese Government Against Protesting Hearthstone Player

As Hong Kong protesters continue to demonstrate over police brutality and oppressive Chinese authority, a Hearthstone player who voiced solidarity is being punished for doing so by Activision Blizzard.

The rather craven move by ActiBlizz will see pro player Blitzchung lose prize money and face a suspension from Hearthstone eSports. The two casters who were on the stream with him are punished as well, just for being there.

Pathetic, but sadly not unexpected. Corporations will bend over backwards to please China and continue to access its massive market, but in doing so, they are supporting human rights abuses.

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  1. 25 years…I’ve owned every blizz game since Orcs v. Humans. Thousands of dollars spent… I will never again give a cent to this heartless, disgusting company. I am sickened by their complete lack of respect for dignity, human rights and freedom.


  2. “I say that’s erroneous because in this case bizzard literally did not stand by anyone’s right to express thoughts and opinions” -Quote of the month

  3. “If you remain neutral in situations of injustice, then you have chosen the side of the oppressors.”

  4. Heartstone champ: I stand for human rights!

    Activion Blizzard: that hurts our image…

  5. Seriously, it’s almost like Matt and Trey knew when they released that South Park episode

  6. Blizzard: Shame? Dignity? I don’t speak that language.
    China: $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
    Blizzard: Yes milord, your word is law.

  7. What I find ironic is that South Park just recently had an episode about Chinese authoritarianism and global companies pandering to the Chinese market by willingly censoring themselves.
    As result, South Park is now banned in China.

    I guess that’s a point proven.

  8. Just so you know, the 2 casters told him to “say the 8 words and we will end the interview”. They all acted correctly in my estimation, but they were canned for telling him to vocalize his message, not for being there. The controverstly here is that people supporting democracy and humanity are being silenced by those who enjoy those same freedoms. FUCK Activision and FUCK Blizzard

  9. “it’s not a anti free speech”

    ” its pro dictatorship”

  10. Does blizzard support human rights abusers?

    Blizzard: “Not quite”

  11. Oh, you’re against oppression?

    Yeah… that hurts Blizzards image.


    Bye. ??

  12. When its profitable to be on the side of the dictator, corporations will be on the side of the dictator

  13. This is going to be a step up for Jim: Before he was blacklisted by dozen of huge companies and now he is blacklisted by a whole nation. I am absolutely proud of him taking on China.

  14. “We don’t want to offend the genocidal authoritarian regime” -activision blizzard

  15. “Ya got to lower your standards of freedom if you want to suckle the teat of China.”- South Park

  16. Looks like 2019 is the Year of the Triple A Assholes…
    Ubisoft monetizes every aspect of Ghost Recon, Activision lays off hundreds after a fiscal boom and supports oppressive regimes, and EA is EA-ing it up, and Focus Home Interactive is pulling games from the shelf because it can’t make boatloads of cash off the developers…

    It’s almost like publishers are total dogshit.

  17. “Do you guys not have oppressive, anti human-rights regimes?”
    – Blizzard 2019

  18. “We dont want our image to be damaged”.

    Blizz buddy… You ruined your image more then you could imagine. Theres noone who can ruin it anymore further exept for yourself. You just proofed it again.

  19. In the rules: “damages Blizzard image”

    Blizzard should ban itself then

  20. Never forget:

    The rich and the dictators are all in bed together

    Need only name a price

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