Activision Begins Mass Layoffs Following Record Financial Success

Activision Blizzard CEO Bobby Kotick boasted of record success for his company before said company begun laying off nearly 800 employees.

As if we needed more proof of how screwed up the system is, this is supposed to be business as usual. This is supposed to be normal.

It might be traditional, but it is not normal.

This utter farce really can’t continue forever. The cycle keeps going on and on and on, but the game industry eats itself just a little bit more each time.

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  1. Unions have been formed for a reason, to stop the workforce from being exploited…the gaming industry needs one. So far, employees of AAA game developers are being treated like those who were taken to the top of the pyramid in what is now Maxico City to be brutally sacrificed on the altar.

  2. The problem here is that higher-ups forget that the average worker is the backbone of the company. Executives make the big decisions, but it’s up to the employees to actually make everything happen. To these executives and shareholders, however, the employees only appear as expenses on the financial statements.
    So when they want to trim the balance sheets and improve profits, the first thing they do is reduce the size of their workforce — not realizing, of course, that without said workforce their productivity is going to go down the drain.
    It also means that all those people will be without a job and have to figure out some way to make ends meet; but, again, the bosses don’t realize or care. The only thing that does matter is their bottom line.

  3. My hypothesis for the future of games.
    The entire AAA industry will implode due to publisher and stockholder “expectations” and smaller game companies and indie dev studios will take over a large majority of the gaming industry.

  4. If only blizzard could escape activision blizzard and activisions grasp.

    They’re not perfect, but they don’t deserve this! Nobody deserves this!

    …okay maybe EA Games.

  5. So, what’s the point of a workforce ever giving their best? If the employees at Activision Blizzard worked so hard that they managed to help the company create financial results that “were the best in [their] history”, AND THEY STILL GET FIRED, what’s the point of even trying? Why bother to do a good job when you’re just going to get fired as though you did a bad job?

  6. Hmm almost as if the “Capitalist” system is inherently broken and rigged to keep anyone but the Ultra Rich from making any meaningful living … almost as if it’s just another version of economic slavery.

  7. You gotta love how the video game industry has become a perfect microcosm for capitalism as a whole. They say capitalism encourages competition, which insures quality, drives innovation, and lowers price. Meanwhile, at the highest level competition has shrunk with fewer large publishers and major developers actively making games. And those games happen to be made worse and more expensive through obtrusive monitization schemes. Meanwhile, investors are mostly like cattle farmers. There are some large, established enough companies that they can continue to milk with little harm, but their main way of making money is pumping capital into young companies with the hope of slaughtering and consuming it or selling it to one of the few major companies once it becomes valuable enough.

  8. Welp, when looking for a career in the game dev business one should ALWAYS avoid Activision and EA. Especially Activision. I know for sure I’m not going to work under them. Glad my friend avoided working for them when he got asked. More respect towards Nintendo. I think people should really stop giving them money and letting Activision exploit them like cash cow whales.

  9. Sergeantmajormario SMM

    Iwata cut his own salary because he said that he refuses to fire anyone as it would reduce morale with the teams in the company

  10. 800 employees at lets ballpark generously here. 40K salary a year comes out too 32 million bucks.
    so the new CFO got a 15 Million dollar pay and a mill a year.
    thats about 400 employees worth of jobs ?

  11. Let’s be honest, Bobby Kotick is officially the Jeff Bezos of the games industry at this point. Here’s hoping he gets embroiled in an embarrassing and humiliating scandal sometime soon too, it’s the least he deserves.

  12. Cancelled my wow subscription…going out of my way to not give them a penny along with EA. Game crash is coming.

  13. Microtransactions is fully automated. It doesn’t need employees.

  14. What is sick about this is Nintendo is the only one with a CEO acting like a CEO. The reason they are in theory get so much pay is because they take all the risk, if the company does well they made that choice but at the same time if it goes back they hold the responsibility. This is why in criminal scandals the CEO is to be the first one in jail and they can’t plead ignorance to whats going on in the company. Clearly some CEO’s in the video game industry do not understand that and make promises to investors they can’t keep and shift the blame, the blame they are paid to take. Investors must be mighty pissed being told one thing and getting another with there money as the CEO’s play the blame game on communities, fade politics, and blame other games for making numbers they should know are not going to happen. I see this as the begging of the end for this style of gaming company and I can’t wait for triple AAA to die.

  15. Business casual. Rake in profits, fire employees, take the profits and learn nothing.

  16. Capitalism won’t stop until all the money has been made, even though nobody has the money to give them, they will still demand all the money.

  17. Didn’t Whitest Kids You Know do a sketch about this exact concept?
    “If we fire a bunch of employees, we can take their paychecks and give them to ourselves!”

  18. “We achieves record results in 2018!”

    **lays off 8% of its workforce**

    _This is beyond science_

  19. Fallout: Liberty Hell

    Time to eat the rich before they eat us.

  20. I thought giving money to the rich would create jobs? Seems like those 800 middle class salaries were cut to pay for bonuses for the upper tier.

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