Activision Bad (The Jimquisition)

As Activision Bobby Kotick pockets an absurd $155 million for no good reason, let’s look at the company being bad, and doing bad things, like a bad company.

No further criticism needed, right? Well…


  1. If Bobby Kottick got launched in to the sun I’d think that’d be funny.

    There’s no joke here and I don’t have anything profound to say I just think it’d be funny if he got launched in to the sun.

  2. I’ve now gotten to a point where I don’t recognise Bobby Kotick without the big red horns. Definitely a look that suits him.

  3. I hope Jim mentions the fact that Bobby Kotick’s name was in Epstein’s black book.

  4. “This is my boss. The person in charge of me. And this is the audio they sent.” 😀 Perfect. And poor Justin.

  5. Gotta say, Kim is rocking that hat and glasses at the end. Also, the Kimquisition xD nice.

  6. Not gonna lie, I’ve been flirting with quitting my job just so I can get some of that unemployment cash and stay at home doing what I love. And here’s the thing: I actually have a boss and people I work with that are nice to me, are very understanding when I tell them I can’t work on a certain day, and I’m very hesitant to leave them behind. But in spite of all those things, I have no respect for the company we work for and anything about that job that frustrates me is always caused by management either dragging its heels or just not wanting to devote resources to improve our work space (i.e. shitty register computers that crash three times a day, only two people are allowed to close the store, our delivery truck comes whenever the fuck it feels like it with no fixed schedule, and as of the time of writing this comment, our AC has been on the fritz during what has already been an excruciatingly hot summer).

    My message is this: Respect is a two-way street. If companies want their workers to respect them, it’s time for them to start proving they’re worthy of it. Start paying your employees a decent wage that will actually allow them to afford to live and enjoy what time they’re allowed to have off. It’s only fair since they’re giving some of that time to work for you.

    Oh, and stop donating millions to the Republicans and Democrats. Your workers need that money more than they do.

  7. Mitchell Bratton

    It’s kind of weird how Jim Steph has been talking about a lot of stuff capitalism related ever since like 2016 ( when I first started watching ) but through the lens of activism for the consumer. The complaints, the way they analysed the systems and their abuse, it’s all similar but now it’s contextualized different. Kinda sad to see people bother Jim Steph with the whole ” too much politics ” or “being repetitive ” thing when they always were political.

  8. I guarantee you Bobby Kotick doesn’t even know what 95% of the employees under him actually do. Let alone supervise them in any way. He probably only comes to work at all on days he thinks someone will notice. Which is likely rare.

  9. Steph let me just say: you’re doing amazing work. Literally everyone complaining that you “got too political” hasn’t been paying attention, to the world or to your content. As you said, you can’t talk about this shit without criticizing capitalism.
    Keep doing you’re thing luv, you’re amazing <3

  10. Love that “too political” was in the trans flags colours. That was an *inspired* choice.

  11. “nooo, jim! you can’t talk about capitalism! it’s too politcial!”
    cry some more. this is the world we live in and thank god jim is here to bring the ugly reality to the surface.

  12. “We need to lay people off, but we also need to pay Bobby hundreds of millions of dollars because during that same time we made record profit – but we couldn’t keep people around, or expand like we claim we need to, outside of the usual shit we peddle.” – Activision

  13. “I have a Bachelor’s Degree” I felt that, mate. Bachelor’s in American Literature. Helps me a lot at my security gig :p

  14. No, no, no, I think you do need to talk more about capitaIism. _Everyone_ should.

  15. Job interviewer to Justin: ‘and can you give us an example of when you had to use creative problem solving skills during a project?’
    Justin: thousand-yard stare

  16. “Do You Hear the People Sing” intensifies as the working class ready their guillotines.

  17. If it ever becomes “too political” to claim that Bobby Kotick is bad, then we know we’ve failed as a species.

  18. There’s a a line from The Hobbit that I think fits pretty well here:

    “His rage passes description – the sort of rage that is only seen when rich folk that have more than they can enjoy suddenly lose something that they have long had but have never before used or wanted.”

    I’m not trying to directly compare Kotick to Smaug, but well, it seemed apt.

  19. How sad is it that the “”””performance bonuses”””” go to the people not performing while people forced to perform way past their human limits don’t see any bonuses related to performance?

  20. It’s sad that attempting to kill people financially is not a crime.

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