Looking at more of Putilin Industries' abhorrent works and despairing.


  1. The One and Only Michael McCormick

    Those cockmunchers stole Feel Good Inc.

    FUCK YOU!!

  2. Jimmy's PlaysN'Covers

    Jim, are you planning to make a “Oh mah gawd hype” video for Valve’s new game, Artifact?

  3. Wake me up, wake me up inside, I can’t wake up, I’m playing this piece of shit !!

  4. At this rate the achievement spamming games may eventually be on a jimquisition topic soon cause this is getting beyond the fucken joke.

  5. Is it fair to call Valve scummy yet? For years of happily doing business with defective software uploaders, simian criminals and grinning effluent merchants who gloatingly treat the company, its store and its customers with unmatched viciousness and contempt, I say it is.

    If that’s not enough, consider that they announced a new game recently: A DotA card game.

    Fuck you for what you did, Valve.

  6. I don’t understand. What is with the trend lately of games that just pump useless achievements into your account? It’s not like they do anything for you and no one is going to be impressed that you have them. Is there something I’m missing?

  7. Boy, achievements are important. They sure do matter.

  8. Remember free flash games when you were a kid? Those were fun.

  9. addict with a pencil

    I read “overdose” as “overdone” for half a second and thought the developers were being self aware. who exactly is the target audience for these, anyway? who is buying this for these to be worth making in the first place?

  10. Damon Alburn should sue these idiots cocks off.

  11. Makes me miss those achievement unlocked flash games. At least those were good

  12. im sure glad that steam has really pushed for quality by basically removing the last little barrier for entry on steam

  13. This piece of shit dev has single handedly ruined achievement hunting on steam for people like me who actually enjoy it. Steam achievement hyper inflation. I am legit angry about it. Not at him, but at valve, for not fixing this issue, which they can do in a matter of minutes.

  14. I’ll be honest. I wish Achievement Hunter (from Rooster Teeth) would do something to get rid of this game since it can bring them a bad name.

  15. Oh, at first I thought it was a “game” where you just stare at a smiley face

  16. Jim Sterling plays these games for our sins. We did this.

  17. Hey Jim, at this I’m hoping you are monetizing your channel now, since if you’re not, and you aren’t getting copyright claims, then youtube is trying to run ads without your permission.

  18. NoLablesLeft Eldered

    They charge so much to make money with shit. I have a great idea to make money. Take the developers tie them down and charge $20 per slap to the face. No punching because we should not want to kill them but only slaps. (to the face!) I would almost empty my account for this. (important note this meant for real life and not another crappy simulator)

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