Accessibility And Gamer Pride (The Jimquisition)

Accessibility is all the rage these days, and that’s a good thing. Well, unless you’re a gatekeeping elitist, in which case you’re feeling a different kind of rage.

Let’s have a chat about how accessibility is good for everyone, and why a game like Final Fantasy XVI enforcing “gamer pride” is a little bit silly.

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  1. I can see an argument for certain accessibility options when it comes to achievements and trophies as youll get an achievement for something you literally didn’t achieve. However ultimately accessibility options are a net positive

  2. Honestly, your voice doesn’t sound that off to me. Always happy to listen to your episodes. <3

  3. These same people who hate accessibility in games often romantacize how fun cheat codes are or how they found the infinite ammo/stealth suit from MGS1.

  4. More accessible games = more potential customers = more potential sales = more potential revenue.

    I’m only surprised that the “AAA” videogame industry has taken this long to realise it.

    And from the gamer side, the more people playing a game, the more support it gets as well as increasing the chance a sequel gets made!

    The logic about making games less accessible doesn’t have a positive outcomeby any metric, so why are so many idiots jumping in the hate accessibly wagon?

  5. I played the Demo for RE4Remake the other day and found a whole bunch of accessibility options on it! It was super nice to see! I’m glad more people will be able to have fun with what looks to be a pretty good remake!

  6. Wait, why are there 3 ring slots in FF16? That’s oddly specific. Is the player character a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle?

  7. My fear is that accessibility options will become just another premium feature we have to buy seperately.

  8. I’m pretty sure what he mean there is more that he hopes people won’t lock themselves in shitty experience by pride. There’s still an easy mode, and probably other accessibility options. The rings are there to ensure that the twats that need to immediately go to normal to feel like daddy’s big boy are calm.

  9. Cooming and Going

    but for reals… These Gamers who dislike accessibility options in gaming for the reason as it make the games appeal to a wider marker. These Gamers ARE the wider market. Half (and im being conservative of that figure as compared to my genuine opinion) of these “Gamers” wouldnt give a shit about video games if games didnt have these graphics and if the current main Genres are primarily violence orientated. If it was the PS1 era when JRPGS, Fighters, Racing, and 3D platformers were the Main genres and FPSs 3rd person ARPG and 3rd Person shooters took the back seat then at LEAST half of these “Gamers” would be outside playing sports, getting into fights, accosting women, and doing dangerous things that always start with an unironic “hold my beer”.

  10. im so thankful for the representation this channel offers. we empty headed dummies who get stuck on sliding block puzzles have been silenced for too long.

  11. I’ve viewed accessibility through the lens of “cheats” before, I’ll admit. But then, I’ve never been above “cheating” in a videogame, because who loses? Oh, we “cheat ourselves”? Maybe, or maybe we enjoy a difficult game if we don’t die half a second in. Think how much better the classic NES Silver Surfer game would have been if you were truly invincible.

    And as you mentioned Celeste, I did employ assists to complete that game, and the B-and-C-sides. The story was genuinely affecting, and I will admit that I STILL cry any time I hear the final level music!

    And while I’d think to start with, that Sign Language options if a game already had subtitles would seem redundant, I’m not deaf, and personal preference is a peculiar paradigm.

    Either way, I’m all for accessibility. Thank Lonelygirl15 for Accessible Games!

  12. Satyasya Satyasya

    Honestly, WHO OR WHAT SUFFERS IF EVERY GAME HAD EVERY OPTION. Like, nothing would change. I don’t get the status-quo warriors on this. They’re just bitter and mean and want to inflict that on everyone else.

  13. dragongrandmaster

    why have accessibility why not dumb down simplfy the game

  14. Speaking of Silent Hill puzzle difficulty, there’s one in the third entry that is pretty much impossible to figure out if you don’t know Shakespeare inside and out. The clues given are on how to place books in a specific order. Only on hard, true, but come on.

  15. The bit about physical and mental illness making you worried about being a burden hit home. I’m a neurotic, clinically depressed and anxiety attack prone mess. With that said even I have my “pride” on some things but I long ago gave up the idea that Assist Modes or Easy difficulties make me inferior. Combat in Tales games is trash so I’ll always play them on easy. Doing so doesn’t negate my beating Malenia in Elden Ring in three attempts. I beat all of Celeste except the C-sides (because I don’t hate myself THAT much) without Assist Mode but will forever sing its praises for people that want to try Celeste because the game is brilliant and should be experienced.

  16. I assume these guys also are super mad at all the Dark Souls / Elden Ring challenge runs where they are playing it with twice the enemies or where it’s entirely the final boss, I’m sure they are very angry about that diluting the devs vision

  17. I dunno, I just feel like if people can’t play a game like normal people, then they shouldn’t play games. Why do we have to constantly accommodate everybody?

  18. Anthony Strickland

    It all boils down to people trying to turn all game play into some form of pvp experience. Speed runs, world firsts, and all the rest of the manufactured competition is what drives this garbage.

  19. “Gamer Pride” is what I call the smell of unwashed socks.

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