A Video About Playing Videogames From Terrible Companies (The Jimquisition)

I’m often asked how one can continue enjoying videogames published by exploitative, harmful corporations. In truth, there is no “ethical” way to do it, not if you’re trying to avoid giving money to scumbags, but I’ll help you try to feel better about it!

Really though, a lot of the dilemma involved in buying a game from Ubisoft or Activision can be solved with one simple attribute – patience. Unless of course, you plan to do one thing I have no intention of condoning.

Unless Mulan is involved.


  1. Turns out the real capitalism was the purchases we made along the way

  2. What was said: “I’m truly sorry to everyone that was hurt.”
    What was meant: “I’m truly that we got caught.”

  3. “what’s with the belly shot?”
    “the seedy under-belly”
    ah, of course.

  4. “I am a role model”
    Every day I ask myself: What would Jim Sterling do in this situation?

  5. Jim: You should wait to buy a game a week after release, at best.

    Translation: Go play existing owned, fun games until the price of the triple ayyyyyy game drops under $10.

  6. “But you participate in capitalism when you buy a game”

    Who said anything about buying? 😂

  7. AAA Publishers like to say they’re at the cutting edge of innovation, but that’s often bullshit. Whatever game from a terrible company you want, there’s usually an alternative. For a few minor concessions, you can get a (usually) cheaper, more complete product that isn’t made by huge assholes. That’s what I do.

    Diablo? Grim Dawn.
    Overwatch? Paladins.
    Hearthstone? Faeria.

    These are my examples. For every AAA game, there’s an indie dev that made it first, or will make it but better.

  8. “This is now the official Minerva Mink fan show”


  9. That “apology” reminds me of that guy from Activision Blizzard who “apologized” during the time when they banned that Pro-Hong Kong protester (if I remembered correctly).

  10. Ubisoft: “our values”
    Your values included protecting abusers.

  11. The Good Place (no major spoilers) posits the idea that nothing we do in modern society is “good.” Right now, I’m looking down at a tablet, which the only way I can view the Jimquisition. This tablet was made in a country that rounds up religious minorities into concentration camps and its authoritarian government censors all media to prevent even basic dissent. The people who made it worked well more than 40 hours a week, for jjst above a living wage, so that it can be sold cheap. It is constructed with materials that are toxic to the environment, from mines with atrocious safety violations, and if I recycle it, the process itself is dirty and outsourced to third world nations. The company that makes it treats its employees like cattle, and they do lay them off as necessary to maintain shareholder favor.

    But I own a tablet. And when it wears out, I’m buying another one. And all the above applies to every smartphone in every pocket out there. Bought yours used? You only diminished the effects, slightly. Your need (and I do mean “need”, I’m not saying you can be truly disconnected in these times) contributes to all the crap required to fill that need. And that’s just one product. If you took stock of everything you own or consumed, really dug in deep to where it all comes from. The true cost of our lives would be overwhelming.

    YouTube and Google are horrible, but here we are. Games are a luxury item, so we have some ability to control how we consume them. Everyone has moved on from Activision Blizzard censoring Hong Kong protests. Nobody cares that CDPR added 6 more months of crunch, after 3-5 previous months of crunch, and they certainly won’t care when they’re playing Cyberpunk.

    Did I have a point? I doubt it. Everything sucks, everyone sucks, and all you can do is arbitrarily pick which battles you’re going to champion, amidst all the uncountable battles you’re going to ignore.

  12. This is exactly what I have been doing for years now. I have stopped buying EA, Activision-blizzard and Ubisoft games. The few games that look interesting, I have bought used.

  13. Remember back in the 80s when cancel culture was called boycotts and we did it to South Africa for apartheid? Yet apparently kneeling for BLM is lefty pandering

  14. “we’re not sorry, and we’re only sorry because we got caught. so to save face, we’ll move our sexual assailant CEOs to another facility with little employee protection.”

  15. Pre-owned is piracy… wow, thats’s just… amazing.
    Imagine trying to sell an old car and getting the police to drop on you saying you can’t sell that car….
    Imagine working 40 hrs a week, to make money to buy a physical product that you have so little ownership of that you can’t even resell it.

  16. Just wanted to take a moment to say this channel introduced me to anti-capitalist ideas because I wanted to watch the videos about the dumpster fire that was the Digital Homicide lawsuit, and now I’m just like, yeah, I’m poor because someone else decided to base my ability to live on whether or not I had money, in a system designed to make earning money near impossible for some people.

    And thanks for that one Jim, at least I can see where my oppression comes from and see that being an ally to those who are more oppressed is the only way to move towards a world where that is no longer the case.

  17. Can you imagine an industry where it is literally more ethical to steal most of their products than buy them?

  18. Google Doxx'd me Bruh

    People are such sheep that the idea that they do not buy something repulses them and seems impossible. They will hate you for even suggesting it.

  19. “They vilify us, the scoundrels do, when there is only this difference, they rob the poor under the cover of law… and we plunder the rich under the protection of our own courage.” Sam Bellamy (his 1st mate was Edward “Blackbeard” Teach–yeah that Blackbeard)

  20. “Maybe we should improve society somew-”

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