A Video About BioWare Working Staff To Tears And Calling Its Mental Abuse “Magic” (The Jimquisition)

Kotaku published an instant hit of game journalism, How BioWare’s Anthem Went Wrong. It’s must-read material, shining a light on mismanagement and indecision.

More importantly, it details the stress and the overwork that companies like BioWare continue to put their workers through. So-called “BioWare Magic” – the concept that games like Anthem come together in the final few months – isn’t actual magic, it’s actual abuse.

We need to stop saying game development is magic, because believing in sorcery sure as hell didn’t help Anthem or Mass Effect Andromeda.

Also, no company should have stress casualties.

Read Kotaku’s story here: https://kotaku.com/how-biowares-anthem-went-wrong-1833731964


  1. Darn it, Jim. Why’d you click the Skip Intro button?

  2. “Bioware magic” makes me think of Harry Potter, where the food appears by magic in the Great Hall, and it’s all “ooh, magic!” but in fact there’s an army of slaves in the kitchen preparing all the food, and the bosses merely deliver it with a flourish to the consumers, and everybody’s impressed.

  3. Reynaldo Rodriguez

    We need unions in the work force especially the game industry

  4. I think this Bioware shit-storm warrants a second Jimquisition. Great video Jim Sterling.

  5. How dare you skip that banger intro song, I think you’ve officially gone too far

  6. It all comes back to an economic system perpetuated by a scarcity driven world-view. None of this is fixable until this is realized by the General Public and addressed Jim.

  7. They made Anthem in a year.
    Without leadership.
    They deserve a raise and holidays, all of them.

  8. Oh Bioware, how far has thou fallen?
    You are now just another cog in the AAA scam-machine.

  9. Hard work doesn’t pay, it pays your employer while you get a pittance to live on.

  10. “Wait don’t go, I promise this isn’t about bashing Anthem.”

    But Jiiiiiiiiiiim, bashing Anthem is so much *fuuuuuuuuunnnnnn….* 🙁

  11. Pyramid Head: I love crunches.
    Sonic: That’s no good.
    Pyramid Head: Oh, I meant abdominal crunches. I’m with Jim on this one.

  12. I think Sakurai has no problem praising himself for stressing himself that much because Japanese culture is very focused on workaholism.

  13. i think it speaks volumes how GAME DEVELOPERS are hitting stress levels that are experienced by MARINES ON THE BATTLEFIELD.

  14. One of Many James-es

    I love the low resolution 1990s gifs for ‘Bioware Magic’

  15. “You don’t understand. Ferengi workers don’t want to stop the exploitation, we want to find a way to become the exploiters.”
    Rom, Deep Space Nine – Workers Unite. My favourite line.

    I find the games industry is bonkers, the people in charge are game developers exploiting game developers and they allow themselves to be exploited, its the massive egos and wide-eyed admiration for the industry and worship of the great names and companies, that blinds them to the exploitation like some Pyramid Scheme of internships, unpaid work, and unrealistic work hours… the fear of rocking the boat and losing their place in the industry keeps development staff enslaved.

  16. At least they didn’t have to pee in bottles to stay productive enough.


  17. Thank you for bringing up the Rockstar and Sakurai/Ultimate stuff, and your own self-analysis. Overworking is such an epidemy.

  18. Happy to catch this before someone slaps this with some BS defamation…

  19. **people’s heart valves disintegrating into mush from exposure to extreme levels of stress**

    it’s Bioware Magic!!!!!!

  20. Nicholas Castleton

    Bioware Employe: I think i need some rest.

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