A Valley without Wind legendary achievements


I first wrote about some the achievements for A Valley without Wind back in 2013, but I finally got around to finishing them all, and I found a much easier way to grind for those damn legendary items. If you’re reading this, you’ve probably already got most (if not all) of the other , so do yourself a favor and knock down the difficulty level to easiest so you can grind as fast as possible without worrying too much about combat. You can do this in a settlement at the blue stone.

Step 1. Make sure you have a spell that can background entities. I like Flamethrower. I also recommend having lots of Transmogrify Bat scrolls. Those things are damn handy.


Step 2. Only enter Grassland tiles. Look for Rural Storage Buildings or Old Sheds. Don’t bother with anything else. You’ll find tons of each type so no worries.



Step 3. When you enter each building, look at the map in lower left and make sure it has 3+ levels. If it doesn’t, just exit and move on to the next. For these types of buildings, each room on or above level 3 will contain between 0 and 2 treasure chests. Break them open with your background spell and they reveal a red enchant vase, which is an automatic magic item. That dungeon map on the left netted me 12 magic items in about 5 minutes. The drop rate for higher power enchants increases the more of them you find. So by finding lots of green you increase your chances of finding blue items. By finding lots of blues you increase your chances of finding purple items. By finding lots of purple items you increase your chances of finding legendary orange items. Just keep at it. Once you find your first legendary the others should come quicker.


A single grass tile completely cleared will net you hundreds of magic items. When I started keeping track, one grass tile netted me a little over 200 magic items including 3 legendary items, for a drop rate of about 1 in 70. The next grass tile netted me about 400 magic items including 8 legendary items, for a drop rate of about 1 in 50.


Once you need to nail down an achievement for a certain equipment slot, remember you can buy seeker enchants in your settlement that ensures all magic items you find are just for that slot. Don’t forget this! While you’re in town you can also buy enchants from the Opal Guardian Stone but I found the quality of the items much lower than finding red enchant vases.

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