A Silver’s Guide to Zenyatta

I’m pretty good.


Tchaikovsky’s Famous 1812 Overture
– Megalovainia


  1. Undertale Music ✔
    Outdated Memes ✔
    Random Explosions ✔
    COD hitmarkers ✔

    Yup, sounds like my kind of video

  2. Lmao that zen hand at the end like “Bruh.”

  3. Paul Weisenberger

    Reddit will be here soon

  4. This might be a silver’s guide to zenyatta, but this is definitely pure gold.

  5. What is the music when Zenny ults?

  6. You thought it was D-efeat, but it actually was me D-io!

  7. That One Guy Om G.

    Welcome to Reddit my boy.

  8. V A P O R W A V E

  9. doctor: you have 2:31 min left to live

  10. Really well done video

  11. You know shit gets real when Megalovania plays.

  12. TheFishPenetrator

    The x files song was the one that got me

  13. StillGotShit4Brains

    THIS got fucking on the reddit OW page? I’m pretty certain people have posted better youtube links that get voted down to oblivion than this.

  14. Hahaha this is perfect

  15. Nice jojo reference

  16. Gotta say, even though MLG stuff is dead and rather unfunny at this point, I really fucking enjoyed this video! Great stuff.

  17. very awesome good sir

  18. That junk rat mine on the ceiling lol. Wtf?

  19. Wait I thought hitting Q was only so I could move faster kapa

  20. what’s the song at 1:01 ?

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