A Post-Nuclear Post-Mortem Of Fallout 76 (The Jimquisition)

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Fallout 76 is a cautionary tale for an industry that exercises no caution whatsoever. A wake-up call for an industry that remains asleep at the wheel.

Bethesda’s broken, unfinished, poorly received foray into the “live service” arena has been a neverending carnival of humiliating nonsense. A fine example of what happens when you play to none of your strengths for the sake of ill-gotten gains.

With a big iron on our hips, let’s take a look at the embarrassing, baffling, and often funny mess that is Fallout 76!


  1. Джон Шепард

    “Engaging storylines, clever writing”

    Jim, you do remember that Fallout 1-2 and New vegas were made by Obsidian?

  2. Bethesda E3, the mandatory company vacation that still counts against your personal vacation days

  3. _Todd : NP_
    _Bethesda’s Troglodyte Fans : _*_*intense clapping*_*
    _Todd : C’s_
    _Bethesda’s Troglodyte Fans : _*_*LOUD SCREECHING*_*

  4. You all have to remember the main point in all this:


  5. Bethesda: *breathes*

  6. “We had a few bumps.”
    You think the Captain of the Titanic said that as well?

  7. I didn’t even watch the Bethesda E3, and I was waiting for this.

  8. But they are adding a Battle Royale mode, it fits so with in the setting and is so novel! Certainly a bolted on battle Royale mode will fix 76.

  9. Do you think the crowd would have cheered so loud if they knew they were being paid in Atoms?

  10. “Fallout 76 should’ve been 86’d.” Alright, take your like, Jim.

  11. People cheered as Todd walked the stage. My disappointment in audience was immense.

  12. Coincidentally started a new modded Skyrim playthrough. I distinctly remember thinking.

    “Thank god this game was made in 2011 instead of 2018. And thank god for Jim of course.”

  13. That was the most hand picked crowd I have ever seen.

  14. Holy shit, I wish I got applauded like that for doing the bare minimum at my job.

  15. Jim, I’ve been really enjoying these slightly longer-form Jjmquisitions lately. Thank you and thank God for you!

  16. **anybody**
    **does anything**
    _guy in the audience:_ **WOOOOOOH YEAHHHHH**

  17. And hey, remember when basically right after the duffel bag controversy, Bethesda got themselves into a Nuka Dark Rum controversy?

    Also Jim, thank all the gayest gods, for you.

  18. 24:32
    On days like these, kids like you…
    Should be Thanking God for Jim

  19. Despite watching Internet Historian’s and Matt McMuscles’s recap of 76’s events, I watched this anyway to hear some Jim Sterling angry ranting.

  20. I was legitimately shocked and confused confused over all the applause during the Blades and 76 portions of the conference

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