A Plague Tale: Innocence – Heartwarming And Horrifying (Jimpressions)

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A Plague Tale: Innocence is the best game I’ve played this year. Easily the best.

A stealth game with puzzle elements and a hearty dose of horror, A Plague Tale may turn heads with its killer rat swarms, but the real star is the great writing and character portrayals.

This is something special.


  1. What is a rats favorite game? Hide and squeak.

  2. Uh oh, positive Jim Sterling video, that means it’s not going to get any views!

    In all seriousness, stop reading this comment and go play this game. Goddamn.

  3. I love that game… FInally a game with a good character building, emotions and a STORY!

  4. I feel like the title would’ve worked better if it was Innocence: a Plague Tale. The order they went with feels weird.

  5. this game is a simple game compared to other games released this year.
    but sometimes simple is better and this game is one solid example

  6. Coincidentally “A plague Tale” is also the title of Randy pitchford’s autobiography

  7. Something about this game and video really makes me miss TotalBiscuit.
    Nice intro, Jim. Thank God for ya.

  8. I wasn’t so sure about buying this, but then I listened to the one voice, the only voice that matters.

    Oh sweet Jesus, thank your daddy for Jim.

  9. Can confirm. It’s a very good game, surely made with passion and not greed in mind. It has a slight hellblade feeling.


  11. What? you can make a good game without loot crates?

  12. ItalianoMobzter7

    The mid-tier game is certainly coming back strong.

  13. Nobody expects the Jimquistion.

  14. “yes we did just lure that pig to its gruesome death…This game has everything I want” – Jim Sterling 2019

  15. The Major devs: “A “Real AAA” game doesn’t have great character development!!!

    It has great microtransactions! This game is pure heresy! “

  16. I was going to buy Rage 2 on release, but i bought this instead

  17. Jim. Totally, totally agree. Wonderful game. Fantastic writing, performances, visuals, world, experience. Everything. Hands down the best game of the year so far.

    PS Had strange and horrible flashbacks to James Herbert’s ‘The Rats’. *shudder*

  18. Am I Right Marines?!

    That’s it!!! I’m sold! No joke gonna pause and buy on Steam.

  19. Jim is 100% bang on the money with this one, can’t disagree with any of what he’s said.

    And we had exactly the same reaction to the title screen, too.

  20. “Let’s get to the rats.”
    *_Rats literally erupt from the ground_

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