A New Team and New Rivals in Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield! ⚔️?️

? Galar Research Update ?

✅ Galarian form Pokémon?
✅ New Pokémon discovered!
✅ A new team and new rivals

Get ready to explore what’s coming in Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield!


  1. Here is your Poison Fairy type everyone. It’s a new form of Weezing.

  2. Game Freak: So for your new form, do you want it to have a top hat or a chimney ?
    Weezing: Yes!

  3. Zigzagoon: It’s not a phase MOM!

  4. Sees Galarian Weezing: “Good evening sir, would you care to join me for a spot of sludge?”

  5. If James doesn’t catch a Galarian Weezing, I’m going to be so mad!!!!!

  6. Bernardo Carvalho

    “Oh! New galarian forms, nice, but i feel like they might get overshadowed by pokémon later in the-”


    “Alright, listen here, please stop making me want this game i don’t have a Switch and where i live the games propably cost as much as a Switch out there”

    Thats really cool though

  7. The interesting thing is that unlike sun and moon, there’s galar forms that are not from generation 1 and a new evolution for a galar form!

  8. Poison/Fairy typing probably a dangerous offensive combo.

  9. Team Yell is already rocking it with the Marnie body pillow

  10. Obstagoon + Lycanroc = best pokemon punk rock band ever

  11. 10,000 Subscribers With No Videos

    Game freak: You want a new form or a 3rd evolution?

    Zigzagoon: *Yes*

  12. The enemy is a Toxic fanbase.

    Nice one gamefreaks

  13. They added a moustache to weezing because it was jealous of alolan golem

  14. Differences between team skull and tell: skull- are a bunch of outcasts and trainers who failed the alola island challenge, are united to the only purpose they think they have by Guzma. Generally just cause trouble for other trainers doing the island challenge as well as disrupting the peace of alola.
    Team yell: they are just huge fans of marnie who (if I gathered this right) will do whatever they can to stop other gym challengers from succeeding so that marnie can become the champion. This includes blocking certain modes of transportation, as well as distracting your and other people’s Pokémon during battle, and an incident at a hotel.

    In other words team yell is strictly just a huge fan club dedicated to marnie while team skull is an actual nuisance gang bent on causing chaos for the islanders.

    So they aren’t clones even in concept. Just to clarify.

  15. Imagine a Galarian Dunsparce and Farfetch’d. Plus them getting evolutions….

    *Shut up and take my money*

  16. Pokemon Fans: NATIONAL DEX!

    Pokémon Company: What was that again? You want an Edgy Zigzagoon?

    Pokémon Fans: NOOO-oh, ok, maybe

  17. I approve of Galarian Weezing’s mustache. It’s quite civilized.

  18. Galarian Weezing head 1: “I do believe this occasion calls for a Smog attack”
    head 2: *sips tea* “Indeed”

  19. Weezing: “I’d tip my hat to you….but you’d probably suffocate”

  20. Weezing be lookin mighty fine this splendid hour..

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