A Minecraft Project – THE WILD ADVENTURE!

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Welcome back to my Minecraft Let’s Play where we defend people!
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  1. Build a city for FINAL ACHIEVEMENT!!!!

  2. Some words of encouragement

  3. Darren ダーレン

    We’re back, good luck with your adventure

  4. this is gonna be great xD Warden is CHONKY

  5. Mitchell Canning

    ’boutta get spanked by daddy warden, best o’ luck!

  6. Tom why not put the mangrove under the mountain in the tunnel part where u did the turtle area

  7. Make a frog pond at the house!! You’ve been bloody brilliant with this series and the content has been nonstop. *Horn salute*

  8. double check the cages at the towers might find yourself a new friend

  9. Thank you Tom for the graft we appreciate you homie x

  10. what an amazing 1h and 8 min….. total fun !! keep it up Tom <3

  11. Tom ik this is a big ask seen as you can’t build a lighthouse… but how cool would it be if you built the millennium falcon like the one you saw in Florida!!! That would be awesome.

  12. Have some words of encouragement Tom

  13. tom can you start uploading this a little more consistently. its a great series but to wait 2 weeks for a episode is kind of killing the series

  14. What u where saying about the way u create the content and how you like it to be fluid. Well yeah if you are enjoying it, chances are we will enjoy it! Simple but true 🙂

  15. Darren ダーレン

    Just finished watching, I’m 100% behind episodes when you want to rather then feeling like you have to. Love the series.

  16. Tom sounds like the fat comic book guy from the Simpsons

  17. Put your frog spawn in the mangroves

  18. GGs Tom for persisting! Appreciate you spending so long on the video! This series is one of the things that helps keep me going and I look forward to 🙂

  19. Real life extinction to the T: “This is SO rare, let me kill it to remember this moment”

  20. good luck tom, its rough but we believe in you

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