A Minecraft Project – Building a Nether Highway!

Welcome back to my Minecraft LetR;s Play where we defend the people!
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  1. The mangroves look SO GOOD!!! <3

  2. I didn’t see your vision, but it turned out great

  3. I love the random upload schedule of this series. It keeps me checking everyday for a new episode! Can’t wait for the next one already!

  4. tom crashing into walls with the elytra: “ouch”
    random mobs looking at him: “you can’t park there mate!”

  5. its really great seeing you enjoy the mangroves and giving them some love and not just diving straight into the deep dark, loving the series keep it up!

  6. Glad to see people are enjoying Mojangs free updates, way too many ungrateful people out there. They’ve done another great job with this update 🙌🏼

  7. LOVE the timelapses

  8. Hey Tom, I’m absolutely loving this series, me and my 3 year old have even rewatched it all up till now

  9. Best Father’s Day gift I could ask for!! My son and I sat down and watched the full episode and then we went to go play Minecraft 🙂 thank you for everything Tom❤️

  10. I have awaited this day, a glorious lets play that has got me and my friends back into the game. It has been a great time watching the lets play Tom, love the “Small hut”

  11. I love the timelapse, and the idea of incorporating it into further episodes.

  12. The idea of decorating each portal with the corresponding biomes blocks is cool,

    Reminds me of the main room from crash bandicoot

  13. Michaela Thackeray

    Does the new mangrove wood look like cut raw beetroot to anyone else?!

  14. An amazing way to end the weekend Tom I would like to thank you so much for what you do for everyone putting a smile on our faces every time you upload❤️

  15. What I took away from today’s episode it’s ok to start forest fires as long as your collecting resources 😂

  16. I love this series so much, cant wait to see what you do next. Whatever it is I’m sure it’ll be epic

  17. Can’t wait for when your touching 40 years of age and you come back and have a look at this world🤣🤣🤣 like with the Minecraft project!!!

  18. POV – you saw the original title but hadn’t watched it yet came back and thought he’d released 2 episodes

    Love you Tom

  19. That’s time laps was really cool

  20. Loved it the mangrove wall is looking amazing operation toms secret village is a go

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