A Little Chat About Net Neutrality

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  1. Lucky me I’m Canadian

  2. I think the best argument for net Neutrality is: they’re going to make you pay for your porn if you don’t support net neutrality.

  3. AGAIN!? Again with this shit? Is this becoming an annual tradition for the FCC? When are these fucks going to be tried for treason (as they rightly should) and publically executed?

  4. Hopefully this American republican nonsense doesn’t move to Europe.

  5. Elections have consequences. I hope you Trumpanzees enjoy your new internet.

  6. We survived almost 25ish years without net neutrality. There has never been a case where websites have been blocked by any company. There are still checks and balances, and removing Net Neutrality. will allow smaller companies to rise up without being crushed under the burgeoning weight of government subscription.

    I love you Jim Sterling, but calling for hate against someone because they see this differently than you is wrong. The companies will be under the purview of the FTC, instead of the FCC.

  7. I can’t wait until they start selling different websites in lootboxes

  8. This is what happens when you give the Republican party all 3 branches of government. Every MAGA troll, this is your fault. Remember you killed the internet.

  9. For everyone outside of the United States saying this won’t affect you: it will. Even if not in a large way immediately, it will. It’ll start off small, Netflix will probably raise it’s prices, other subscription services will likely follow. If other companies see the success of these corporate wankers here, they’ll start to lobby to do the same in your country. If you are reading this comment, you are using the internet. Don’t let the Verizon-backed FCC chair bullshit you into believing a bunch of filthy, filthy lies. This can (and will) affect everyone with an internet connection, and it can only get worse if this bill passes.

  10. So my third world country has better internet?
    -no cap limit
    – no slow downs on particular websites
    – my goverment observes me but only care about drug dealers.

    I am happy

  11. So for those of you who think that it’s only about America…. If a server or service you want is in the USA & it’s being throttled by owners of the network on route, well then you get to suffer too my friend 😀 Net Neutrality isn’t just about America.

  12. “If you think you’re too small to make a difference, try sleeping in a room with a mosquito” -Ghandi

    Everywhere around the world this will kill access to many american hosted sites

  13. MeowAlien にゃあエイリアン

    sigh, we have just gotten the upper hand on Lootboxes shenanigan and now we have to worry about this bullshittery

    give me a break, that said I’m not American so it won’t affect me directly for now, for fucking now that is
    just like the lootboxes virus, at first it only affect shit I don’t give a crap about but it will soon spread and I might get heavily affected, Goddamnit

    keep up the good fight everyone~

  14. This goes down, I want every single Americans, those who are *true* patriots, to take to the streets.
    It’s obvious that the elected officials weren’t the ones meant to be in office. They have done *literally* nothing but screw us over at every single fucking turn since they’ve been put into office, and I for one am sick of it. If they want to get rid of one of the only things that at the very least helps me get my mind off things, if they want to get rid of the most powerful tool for research, for free speech, for even porn or gaming or whatever, that’s the last straw.
    And for those of you who are just watching this from Australia or the UK, thinking this won’t affect you, how many websites do you visit have servers in the US? How many of you have rising nationalism and far/alt-right parties on the rise? *This can affect you, happen to you too, and easily.*
    So if this does go down, if Net Neutrality is stripped away, I want every single last one of you to raise absolute *hell.* Make this victory as uncomfortable as you possibly can for corporations, for the FCC, for the GOP.

  15. Leonard Petit-Breuilh

    The internet should be ruled by international law, not by the US Republican party.

  16. 1:40 They won’t throttle Netflix (and slow it down), as long as Netflix pays them not to; payment which trickles down to the consumer, so instead of paying $10/month _(or whatever their base subscription costs),_ you pay $20, or more. Yay!

  17. Even if you’re not in the US, this will affect you. When Netflix or Reddit or Valve or any of the US-based international companies you patronise have to start paying glorified protection money to American ISPs to avoid being slowed down, they’re not just going to absorb those deductions themselves; they’ll pass them on to users. It doesn’t matter if you’re not in the US, you’ll almost certainly see your favourite internet services either try and cajole more money from you or lean more heavily on advertising to the detriment of their service, just to buy the right to not be throttled by ISPs in America.

    To say nothing of the new businesses you *won’t* see because they won’t be able to get a foot in the door under this racket, with ISPs hamstringing them with these “fast lane” costs just to be *competitive* with established business.

  18. A friend of mine put it best.

    “Imagine if EA was your ISP.”

    Without net neutrality, that will basically be the case.

  19. Funny thing: when I was watching the first 2 minutes of this video, I felt as if I had watched it already…because it’s always the same. For years you people of USA have been fighting against this crap, back when it had other names, when they tried to pass the S.O.P.A, trying to get rid of a right you’ve always had just to satisfy their greed and need for control. I cannot do much about it, since I am from Spain (and still live there), but you have my sincerest respect for not giving up against this shit.

    Stay strong people, and happy Thanksgiving.

  20. It’s actually interesting how greedy can be, especially the ones who already have more money than they can actually spend but they just want the world to burn. But it’s annoying when those people act like they have others’ best interest in mind. Like why are you acting like a good guy when you and everyone else knows you’re a piece of shit? I legitimately want to throat check that FCC guy

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