A Light in the Darkness – Official Call of Duty®: Black Ops 4 Zombies Trailer

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Every origin has its end. The final chapter of the Black Ops 4 Zombies Aether story arrives on September 23rd.

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  1. Please let us use victis crew! The outro should be cinematic not cartoon please ( thanks treyarch for a good childhood , i love your zombies forever !?)

  2. OMG My Favorites characters is BACK Thank You @TREYARCH YOU ARE AMAZING! ??

  3. 1:23 How are they gonna put 3 frame per second anims in a comic-style trailer? They’ve had better quality than this in BO2 days.

  4. I am sorry to say it, but there is no emotions in these animated cutscenes

  5. Despite the downfall of bo4 this was an honor to be with the story since WAW

  6. Treyarch you were my childhood can’t believe its ending ??

  7. Well this is it…
    The End of The Aether.

    Never thought that this day would come…
    Yet it has.

    *This better be amazing.*

    (Nice to heat Scott Menville as Marlton once again.)

  8. Treyarch giving us only half the trailer, so definitely not complete. There will be more reveals in the coming days and weeks.

    • I feel like this is the full intro so we go in blind to the map

    • ben marks yea exactly lol sure they gave us half the animations and graphics for the cut scene but I’m sure it’s the whole message

    • @El Alien maybe they don’t want to reveal the map we will be playing on just yet.

    • Zombie n Cloud9 I’m sad because I have this game and the season pass downloaded to my pen but I sold my ps4 a couple months ago. Need to buy a new one again for like the 5th time

    • ​@El Alien You know Alpha Omega had two videos before its release. The one with only animations and the actual cinematic one. They’ll show another one before its release i assure you that.

  9. I’m so hyped Misty Martin stillinger russman. are back

  10. 11 years ago,
    Zombies was Born,
    From Waw, Bo1, Bo2, Bo3 to Bo4
    Thank you Treyarch for this Awesome and Amazing Storyline

  11. Vectis needs more maps, it can’t end for them here, surely

  12. It’s amazing how this is treading on YouTube right now, zombies deserve this especially since it’s ending

  13. Rest In Peices CoD Zombies u truly lived a great life from WaW to Bo4 Its been a pleasure so long old freind?

  14. To think that this started out as a fun lol side mode, huh?

  15. If we don’t get Misty’s old model, we riot.

  16. When you’re cheap enough to afford full fps animation

  17. I’ve been with zombies since Nacht. Back when we all thought zombie hitler was the main villain.

  18. Been there Built that

    Kinda sucks that they couldn’t give us legitimate game footage, cmon Treyarch.

  19. Dude I’m so confused on this whole story I don’t even think Treyarch knows wtf is going on anymore.

    • That’s because they had to write themselves out of a whole after BO2. Where the story should have ended, but Activision and probably Treyarch didn’t want to lose their top money maker in their CoD franchise. Look at how each other company that made CoD also started making zombies instead of their own modes. Money talks and it does until something is beyond milked dry.

    • @zombieaids True every cod game since BO2 had zombies In it. It’s become so over saturated and milked that the people who design it have to keep adding in dumb ass lore that really doesnt even make sense. It’s like watching a movie 20 times and still not understanding wtf it’s about lol.

  20. Did Activision cut the production budget of CoD to $90?

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