A Lesson In Five Nights (The Jimquisition)

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Five At Freddy’s is a mind-boggling success, but it wasn’t always this way, and Scott Cawthon was not always a horror mastermind.

Adversity and a hell of a lot of criticism got Five creator Cawthon where he is today, and on the second annual Jimdependence Day, we examine how.


  1. I’m gay.

  2. Jim might have contracted Boglinitis.

  3. Last time I was here this early The divided states of America used to be
    the United States of America

  4. You can’t learn if you can’t accept you fucked up. Every artist needs to
    understand that.

  5. Dr Rainbows the Unicorn

    I really dislike FNAF. The fandom is… typical fandom toxicity, the game
    itself is barely anything at all, it’s a fantastic example of how people
    seem to have forgotten that things jumping about you and going “Boo!” is
    startling, not scary, and all the story seems to be fan theories, the same
    fans who are drawing weird robots as sex icons (again, fandoms are just the

    But I do agree, he basically made a fortune from a failed project, and I am
    glad he carried on instead of going on another Digital Homicide-style
    rampage and buried some actual talent. And hell, it’s better graphically
    than some games coming out today. For me, if he put that talent into making
    something else, that’d be great, but I guess while the cash cow still gives
    milk, why even bother, right?

  6. It’s very admirable to take valid criticism and use it to improve your
    craft, just wish that attitude was a lot more common.

  7. You can not like his games, which is fine they certainly aren’t for
    everyone, but I don’t think anyone with half a functioning brain can deny
    his work ethic is to be admired, especially in an industry swamped with
    people that absolutely refuse to admit when they’ve fucked up.

  8. Hey Jim, isn’t the Jimdependence an international holiday?

  9. I’ve heard this story a thousand times already, but I’m glad to hear you
    tell it, Jim. Especially since you originally bashed on FNAF, and this just
    goes to show how amazing of a developer Scott is, and despite it not
    seeming like it, how much passion and effort he puts behind his games.
    Also, *pure sarcasm now.* cue the unoriginal comments on why FNAF is
    cancer. Even if cancer is a disease that kills you.

  10. 11:14 Never knew *Mr.T* could play sax! :D

  11. Did Gangar guy also do the “Born Depressed” sax cover?

  12. I finished this lesson in one night, what should I do for the other 4?

  13. Thank god for Jim, and thank sax for Carl Catron!

  14. The way to pronounce the “Gud” of “Git Gud” is start to say “Goo” but as
    you get to the elongated “oo” cut it off and stick a “D” there instead

  15. I wish I could’ve played piano for that, hah

  16. I swear you’ve done a video on this before…?

  17. Totally thought there was some Fuckonami news when I saw how much was left
    of the episode XD

  18. Hey, Jim. Are you going to celebrate the Trump’s victory?

  19. Holy shit, gengar saxman has some serious funk goin’ on

    I like it

  20. Jim reminds me of Rush Limbaugh.

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