A KINGS TALE: FINAL FANTASY XV – Let’s Just Talk About Zelda Some More

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Technically an old game, though released for everyone last week.

Mostly it’s just a good chance to chat about Zelda some more.


  1. Btw Jim, will you review Nier Automata?

  2. #Professionalism

  3. Already one dislike? Man, James is quick as hell.

  4. Forget Zelda, Jim. Talk about _NieR_.

  5. Ancient Dolphin From The 70's

    No new law suits today? Come on, Jim, do your fucking job before I seek legal advice from DH and bring your candy ass down.

  6. So, have Square Enix stopped being out-of-touch dick heads or…

  7. Slick Jim… slick 😀

  8. Oh man, can’t wait for Nintendo fanboys to lose their shit when Jim refuses to stroke Nintendo’s flacid penis like most people do these days and “insults” Zelda with like a 8.5/10.

  9. I kinda hope to see more videos like this were you talk about Breath of the Wild more than the actual game you’re playing. I’m actually very interested in hearing what you have to say about BOTW simply because it’s open world. Before the game came out, people were already praising it while I was worried it was going to fall into the usual open world tropes. So far, no one is even trying to answer me when I ask about those tropes and instead they just keep praising the game because it’s pretty, fun and different from other Zelda’s. I’m not saying it can’t be a good game because it’s open world, but I would like to know if it at least added to or adjusted the current open world formula

  10. I personally *stay the fuck away* from Ubisoft open world games. If you played one you pretty much played them all

  11. can someone help me? my ps4 cant connect to the internet because it says the connection is too weak.

  12. Will u take a look at the new Nier game Jim?

  13. Playing Ghost recon wildlands right now makes me want to be sick onto my own balls – Jim Sterling 2017

  14. I’m glad you did a video of this game. It’s a really good little time for a free game that doesn’t outstay it’s welcome and adds some welcome personality to the FFXV world.

  15. Wondering why all this talk about Nier is happen. Well sadly the EU will be last to get the game. Japan 23/2 NA 7/3 and EU 10/3. That’s some fucking bullshit right there.

  16. Alex Olinkiewicz

    Oh, buy I can’t wait to see Jim Sterling give Zelda: BotW some actual criticism. I mean it’s probably a very solid game, but people act like it’s an evolution on the Open-World genre, but I don’t really see any of that and it makes me wonder if the over-praise is caused by this being a Launch title for Switch and also being sort of the last game for Wii U, along with people having there Nostalgia goggles tightly on.

  17. It’s kind of funny, but I really like open world games as a genre in general, but only really under certain conditions. They have to be truly open world, not open world with limits (like you have to do certain things before regions are open, ect), and they have to be really well constructed. There are a LOT of very boring open world games out there, or open world games that just come off super lazy.

    Surprisingly (or maybe unsurprisingly?) GTAV is probably my favorite open world game at the moment. When I find myself staring at the games I own and unable to decide if there is one I really feel like getting that deep into (for example if I only have a short period of time to play something) I’ll pop it in and turn it on because I find it pretty fun to just hop in a super tuned car and drive around in a surprisingly realistic city for awhile. Sure, it’s utterly ridiculous at times, and you can do things that in real life would get you arrested or killed and not have the cops giving up 5 minutes later, but overall I find it pretty fun and relaxing.

    I just want to see the genre grow and evolve, not remain in place. Open world can be very fun, but it can also be really stale. Speaking of Ubisoft, I got Watch Dogs 2 some time ago and as I was playing I couldn’t help but feel like I was just playing a shttier version of GTA5. So much of what you could do in GTA5 you could do in WD2. Granted, you had the added hacking abilities, but take and the drones out of the game and they were pretty similar in terms of gameplay. But WD2 did it worse, in my opinion, and that isn’t what I want to see. Take the hacking powers and put it into GTA5 and you see the game enhanced to a degree, go the other way and I didn’t feel like it was better at all.

  18. So… many… flans…

  19. Wildlands is fucking awesome, I think you should give it a chance Jim.

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