8,000,000 SUBSCRIBERS !!

I can’t believe I’m lucky enough to say the channel has ! ! This is nothing without all of you being here to watch everyday and supporting the channel! You’re all amazing.

7 Million ► https://www..com/watch?v=k729YyANrAo

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  1. holy crap I remember when u had 2 million



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  4. We love you jack!!

  5. The background-tune is too sad… -,_ -

  6. Congratulations for your 8 million subscribers, you’re one of the
    funniest/awesome guys I’ve ever met.Even though you don’t know me and I
    never saw you beyond a screen, I consider you a friend.Every time you are
    in danger in a game I cheer for you to everything will be ok, every time
    you are winning I scream “Jack Jack jack jack” and every time I am sad I
    watch your videos and I get happy.I hope the best for you and your channel
    I hope all the boys, girls and you have a wonderfull 2016 and thanks you
    guys so much for all the laughs and highfives all around *whapshh whapshh*

  7. It’s only been two days and you’re already 1/20 done on the way to 9

  8. GriffinLord Gaming

    WOOOOOOOHOOOOOOO 8 Mil good stuff everybody ! XP

  9. you are so awesome and cool 20,000,000 subscribers just do it

  10. Hej Jack. Thanks for all the good times you give me.
    A little question. Will you be playing Far Cry Primal? If so can you please
    do a ‘Survival Hunter – Man vs Wild’ version? Just a few vids, I would love
    to see that. And for all the other parts just do your Jackting with it. 🙂
    PS: Do it with facecam, it’s awesome to see such a BOSS face ;)

  11. Thanks for this jack, because you’re one of the only youtubers that is
    ACTUALLY thankful. ?

  12. Am i the only one who notices girls comment more on jack’s channel than

  13. I would like to see more playthroughs. Like you did with subnautica and so
    on. Please Jack :*

  14. Newb Gaming Networks


  15. jack i almost watch all your videos!!!but why not all your videos its
    becuse im mostley out of town thats why iv been your sub sense 3,000,000

  16. Jack you are the best best of luck with your subs

  17. Jack you are my favorite youtuber I have seen so many and you stood out to
    me, you make my day so positive and happy (:

  18. i just discovered this channel recently and i cant stop whatching the
    videos. you make me laugh my ass off every day xD dont care about rude
    comments… AND FOR FUCKS SAKE DONT STOP SWEARING!! Love you jack =3

  19. Also how do you put the comma over your real name I can’t find it ANYWHERE!

  20. Marvin Awesomeness Gatmaitan

    Congratulations, Jack!!!

  21. Whoever disliked this video u literally have no soul and unlike jack ur
    only goal is to make people feel miserable so stop hating and get alligatin

  22. I love you

  23. JAAAAAAAAAAAAAACK Keep up the good work LIKE A BOSS! thanks for
    entertaining us day after day you always make me laugh and i even died my
    hair green. you are my favorite youtuber and the best in my opinion

  24. well done sean! 😀
    8,000,000 subs!

  25. Best Channel on YouTube!!!!!! Can u do more Just Cause 3, it is hilarious!!
    Keep the awesomeness flowing!!

  26. Damn… Another 10 mins of talking….

  27. Jack I am 10 and when ever I get sad I watch one of your videos and it
    cheers me up so thank you keep being a BOSSATRNIO!!!!!!!!

  28. JAACCCKKK!! Luv ur channel keep up the great work!!!!!!! (only improvement

  29. get to ten million like a BOSSSS

  30. I have watched him since 2013

  31. Jack is one of my favorite you tubers (sorry jack ur my 2nd mark is 1st but
    ur really awesome) and good job for doing ur thing jackaboy u deserve it
    happy 8 million bad Mother fucker Lol :)

  32. Congrats buddy

  33. listen when people diss this channel they are just lowlife dicks sometimes
    I set here because all of my friends left me I list everything except for
    you your always here so thank you my depression is down alot your the best

  34. Christopher Clifford

    and when u reach 9 mil u would eat a California reaper pepper

  35. I’M EXCITED FOR 9,000,000 SUBS!!!!!!!!!!

  36. I made my english project about you! 🙂 We had to write about a famous
    person and i said: why make it about my favorite youtuber. So… And I got
    a mark A (Or 5 because in our country we use numbers 1-5 and the 5 is te
    best 😀 )

  37. what happend to your freakin hair? lol it got super messy.

  38. jack sound like a best friend

  39. I subscribed ?

  40. I Liek Bloxz on yt

    450 poeple are mean 95,149 are bosssssssssssses
    you are amazing never stop cant wait till you get your dimond play button
    at 10 mill 13 mill by the end of the year?

  41. anyone remember 1 million?


  43. Hey jack,i wanna start a channel too like you,but i dont want to do it on
    games cuz i don’t want to look as though im copying you!

  44. dangerousdinogaming

    Jack when it happened please post a video of it

  45. Ben Marley Williams

    Jack every day I view your channel it gets like 20000 subs every time

  46. Congrats!?

  47. Chris Productions

    Congrats septic dudes!

  48. Everybody says that they made youtibe for fun. But to be honest you
    wouldn’t make videos like you do now if you had a job and you wouldn’t get
    payed for making videos

  49. ^^ Happy feelings~

    Yup that’s my input. XD

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