64 Bits – Cupsouls (Dark Souls animated like Cuphead)

What if was animated like Cuphead? Would you play that? (We would).
Before you ask, no, this is not actual gameplay! will never be a game, but one can dream right?

Anyways: Prepare to die!

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The intro book animation was by Studio WhooHoo!
Check out their stuff as well: http://whoohoo.tv/


  1. I love how the Cuphead developers spent years crafting their work

    and these guys made something just as good in five minutes ?

  2. It’s the Dark Souls of Cuphead parodies…

  3. The Cuphead team would be so proud, honestly dude(s) congratulations on your work. You get all the subs today!

  4. Holy shit thats absolutely perfect

  5. 0:52 Why is High Lord Wolnir wearing lipstick?

  6. A 9 Years Old NOT YouTuber

    Wait, where’s the parody in this again?

  7. This is Incredible! Wow!

  8. Someone kickstart this

  9. *_7.8/10 not enough rolling_*

    Holy crap this is amazing! This deserves a bunch more views.

  10. *Oh my god this is amazing!*


  12. You should have more subs. This must have had a lot of hard work to make. And it’s in 60 FPS!?!?

  13. Where do i sign for the crowdfunding ?

  14. i will play that =)

  15. They weren’t lying when they said Cuphead was the Dark Souls of run n’ gun games

  16. Someone send this to MDHR and From Software please I beg you

  17. cuphead 2 trailer LOOK GOOD

  18. *amazing :’)*

  19. Ahhh
    I wish this was a real game I will play it more than I played cuphead and dark souls

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