505 Games Accidentally Gave Customers The Free Control Upgrade It Said Was Impossible To Give

505 Games has undermined its own argument that it simply couldn’t give existing Control owners a free upgrade for next-gen systems.

PS4 Control players noticed that Control Ultimate Edition was available to download rather than purchase – something 505 Games said couldn’t be done. Access to the upgrade without purchase has since been revoked.

Existing Control customers are expected to purchase Control Ultimate Edition if they want a next-gen version of the game. This is because 505 Games wants more money, but it simply couldn’t admit it. Instead, it told a lie that was stupid and discreditable to begin with, then couldn’t even keep that ruse going.

Classic “AAA” shenanigans!

Source: https://www.vg247.com/2020/09/11/control-ultimate-edition-accidentally-free-deluxe-edition-owners/

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  1. I saw this happen on Twitter and I just thought to myself “Jim is about to rip their asses up in a day”

  2. Im watching this for the Classic Jim Sterling cackle it’s bound to include

  3. I just love video games

    It’s almost like we are constantly being showcased more and more and more proof that companies don’t have to be greedy douchebags time and time again, but keep allowing their greed time and time again then are surprised on when and where everything went so wrong.

  4. its like that time where Sony said cross platform play on rocket league is impossible then the dev of the game “accidentally” turn it on for a bit

  5. “Why can’t you just trust the companies!?” Shit like this that keeps happening is why. Every one of them makes a strong argument for not supporting a game on release day.

  6. “I’m sorry we can’t upgrade everyone’s copy because of the blockers.. that disappear if you buy the game again…our self imposed restrictions can be ignored by us when you give us money but otherwise it’s out of our hands.”

  7. I hope someone “accidentally” spilled coffee on the button that would reveal that the free upgrade for all to see, which conveniently would point out that their company was full of it. Someone needs to fight for the Users.

  8. I genuinely find that whenever I read or conceive the phrase “triple AAA” in my head, my inner voice is replaced with Jim’s “triple Aaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy” dripping in that fantastic sarcasm. Been that way for several years now.

  9. Publishers always pick the dumbest hills to die on

  10. “Video game companies acting as stupid as they wish we were.” – Jim Sterling
    , 2020

  11. AAA corporations are like children explaining the rules to a made up card game: unless the move benefits them, they’ll just tell you it isn’t possible

  12. So instead of making it unfair for people who only own the base game (which wouldn’t actually be unfair, at all) they chose to make it unfair for everyone, which just so happened to also be the option that let them make the most money?

    I can barely contain my astonishment.

  13. When they say they can offer a upgrade they mean. That the CEOs will physically start to thrive in pain and die if they give the customer something for free. Like Mr. Burns in the Simpsons they are really that cartoonish evil.

  14. The irony of the fact that this game is called “control”

  15. I have the mental image of 505’s staff trying to get to their computers to update the game and some strange alien life forms known as BLOCKERS just pushing them away.

  16. PS Store: we caught you lying in the Store
    505: *wasn’t me*
    PS Store: we even caught you on camera
    505: *wasn’t me*

  17. Part of me believes that whenever a company accidentaly makes a game better, it’s a disgrunteled employee sneaking something through.

  18. Not my own observation, but fun fact: Like the more famous 404 error, there’s also a standard error code 505. It means “Version not supported”.

  19. I hardly ever buy games on release, often getting them a year or so later. There’s hardly ever a downside, you always get the game cheaper, and sidestep dodgy antics like this. A bit of patience goes a long way when it comes to video games.

  20. Here’s the thing: This “Ultimate Edition” doesn’t add any content above the existing Deluxe Edition. The only thing it does is to let you also play on the next-gen systems, when those systems come out.

    Now, if they had said “If you want to play it on the next gen systems, you’ll need to buy it for those systems”, then I think everybody pretty much would have understood. Look at GTA V, some people bought that game three or four times for various systems, like PS3, PS4, and PC.

    So really, this “Ultimate Edition” is just buying it again for the next gen systems.. except that you can buy it early… IT’S A PRE-ORDER. They should have just added the damn thing as a “for PS5” to the bloody store, and that would have been that. No need to lie about it, or use additional marketing trickery. Instead they made it more complicated for literally no reason.

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