[4K] Morrowind: Xbox One X vs OG Xbox: 16x Resolution + Massive Performance Boost!

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It’s all about the performance. Morrowind on Xbox One X effectively doubles frame-rate over the original game, while increasing resolution by 16x. And as for loading times? Yeah… it’s another huge bump. John checks it out.


  1. Love the X!

  2. All these idiots commenting just to prove they’re early…

  3. Sebastian Adamson

    I like the little menu sound effect that the Xbox version had that’s not present in the PC version.

  4. 16x resolution and 60FPS not bad.

  5. Test conker live and reloaded next

  6. lawrence akwaboah

    Every single game made moving forward should have a mode for uncapped frame-rates and Dynamic resolution scaling, doing so will guarantee that new hardware will make previous generations games that much better. This should be the future and I hope Microsoft is showing the industry that this should be the case with these back compatibility titles.

  7. This enhanced backwards compatibility is a wonderful feature.

  8. Yeah but the draw distance is still atrocious. Any toaster can run the game with the MGE mod so why would someone prefer to play the console version even if it’s in 4k or 8k or what ever?

  9. That music, never gets old.

  10. It’s cool that Microsoft wants to keep all its generations alive and that we can see old favorites run and look even better than before

  11. Conker Live and reloaded…next..?

  12. Legit I’ve wanted this since for so long

  13. How far technology has come over these past years. Now we can finally play Morrowind at almost 60FPS.
    With all the reviews talking about poor performance I instead waited for some patches to iron things out and it looks like my wait has paid off. Now I can laugh at all the suckers that bought this at launch.


  14. “It just works”

  15. Or just play int on PC with Mods that make it look 10x better.

  16. so… xbox one x has no great titles ..but fuck me a 20 year old game now finally runs at 60fps even tho the shittiest laptop can run this ?

  17. People who don’t understand emulation don’t understand why this I a big deal. There isn’t even a functioning OG xbox or 360 emulator that can play more then 1 or 2 games. Every other game can’t even launch.

  18. Just disable the comments already. Those who don’t care won’t care, those who care will find another place to be toxic and there isn’t a third type of people anyway. It’s like a classy art gallery where people go to fight when they’re drunk : it’s not good for business. Close the gallery at 5pm and disable the comments. Both problems solved.

  19. 49fps on a game that is older than the average Xbox one owner

  20. Xbox is doing everything right except exclusives. If they hit it with e3 with like 5 games for xbox one soonish. I think all will not be lost.

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