[4K] God of War on PS4/ PS4 Pro: A Stunning Tech Showcase!

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John presents a Digital Foundry deep-dive into phenomenal visual delivered by Sony Santa Monica in the new , with a complete breakdown of how the game looks and runs on both PlayStation 4 and PS4 Pro.

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  1. I can’t watch anymore! To impressive!

  2. Lust for Awesomeness

    This is true masterpiece and GOTY contender

  3. First shadow of colluses got the title of the best looking game this year now god of war claims the crown ? and next detroit and spiderman will be tough contenders for the title
    Its look like sony studios have ran out of contendors and started challenging them selfs to see if they can top each other ???

  4. Microsoft: “Phil, We need some good games to compete against those beastly devs over at Santa Monica, Naughty Dog, Insomniac, Sucker Punch and Guerrilla Games”
    Phil Spencer: “Absolutely, let’s cancel Scalebound and release Sea of Thieves”

  5. Nice to know it runs and looks good on the base PS4. I feared these later gen games would run like ass on the older consoles…

  6. Best looking beard in video games. Makes me laugh looking back at the lego beards in games like Inquisition.

  7. This is a beautifull game!

  8. That’s a beautiful game

  9. Abdullah Al-Marhuby

    Whoever thought you’d catch feels watching an analysis video….

  10. Ah this is why a bought a Ps4 , Sweet awesome stunning games. And then i enjoy multiplats on PC 60+ fps , best deal ever made

  11. look at the comment try to downplay God of War and PS4 Pro lol
    xbot are real salty today

  12. Àbdøú Àbdérràhmàn

    Damn… the levels of hate and fanboy-ism in this comment section are unbelievable. YES Sony has better exclusives. YES XB1X has better console hardware and capabilities. YES PC is the ultimate platform. This video is not about that it’s about showcasing a visually stunning game. Why can’t people just appreciate what they have and let others enjoy theirs as well

  13. Equally stunning is how a $200 console manages to do all this. Very impressed.

  14. Xbox: I’m sorry
    Playstation: Do not be sorry, be better

  15. I think the best thing about the PS4, is that the base Console still looks great, and for 1080p i dont feel left out.

  16. We don’t need better tech just developers like this

  17. Base PS4 owner here.. who else?

  18. You damn right this is a stunning tech showcase!

  19. This is so cool!

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