4 Out Of 10 Loot Boxes Contravene Dutch Law

Study: https://www.kansspelautoriteit.nl/publish/pages/4957/onderzoek_naar_loot_boxes_-_een_buit_of_een_last_-_eng.pdf

The Netherlands has completed its assessment of loot boxes, finding four of ten to basically be gambling. The others don’t exactly look good, either.



    Holland makes me proud once again!

  2. In The Mind of Kibara

    Here’s what I think will happen:
    1. Either they will stop selling to the Netherlands, causing games to be needed to be imported there
    2. They add an option where you can disable these kind of ingame purchases.

  3. Really makes me proud to be Dutch, yaknow?

  4. Goed gedaan, Nederland.

  5. Europe and Asia made their moves. Korea and the Netherlands. Iam waiting America… iam waiting for your move

  6. This even got in the National News, even though it was really cringy, I am happy we are actually having balls, not like the ESRB.

  7. I’m guessing the 4 offending games were ones on Steam, with there being the Market and all

  8. James Horsey Walsh

    Every time Jim says *triple a* in a whiney high pitched tomflipperous way my erection becomes that little bit stronger.

  9. Bottlecap Bellybutton

    This whole loot box/skin trading scene is completely baffling to me. I still don’t understand how anyone can not consider this a form of gambling. We need to nip this before it gets even more out of hand.

  10. So if I make a dice game where you can pay real money for rolls and if you roll a double (two 6s for example) then you get a lootbox and that lootbox can contain dice and cup skins that are not tradeable…that’s not a gambling game…ok cool, I’m on it!

  11. As a Dutchman I am proud. Hopefully the Netherlands will cause a chain reaction through Europe.

  12. Happy 420 y’all!

  13. Bless the Dutch sperm that gave me life.

  14. The only bad thing about lootboxes being banned is that we have to be grateful to EA for making it happen.

  15. Reality Productions

    *commercial music*
    Hi, I’m an actor paid to act as a doctor. Did you know that 4 out of 10 loot boxes are gambling? That’s why I prescribe Greed™. With Greed™, every loot box is an absolute, pay-to-win, addicting gamble. Not convinced? Just listen to our Greed™ users!

    *EA tries to give testimony but it’s in Reptile*

  16. This raises two questions:

    1: Will these games be banned entirely in the Netherlands or will the trading mechanics be blocked because no way will the lootboxes be removed entirely?
    2: How long will it take other game companies to order a hit on EA leadership for ruining the market like this?

  17. Loot box? More like… gambling… thing. Dammit.

  18. There's a starman waiting in the sky

    More like Scam Boxes am I right?

  19. Let’s all laugh at a industry that never learns anything teeheehee

  20. EA: “Loot boxes aren’t gambling, lots of countries would agree with us!”
    Lots of countries: “Loot boxes are gambling!”

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