4 guys teaming in Solo *FORTNITE*

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Justice was served



  1. Justice was served: Hell yeah! Did you report these guys in the end? That would’ve completed the deed even more.

    I’ve uploaded some Fortnite content as well, can you check it out and give me some feedback on it please? Thanks!

  2. Hell yeah man that’s what those jive turkeys deserve

  3. Thanks for watching, hopefully i can upload more videos soon, so sub if you feel like it 🙂

  4. LuckyHealingLizard

    They weren’t teaming they just couldn’t shoot one another because of prisoner’s dilemma

  5. Damn you’re a beast

  6. Exactly 4 dislikes. Hmmmmmm

  7. Good shit!

  8. MeesterPaul The First

    Sweet sweet karma!

  9. Are you the op of this on reddit? if not someone stole your content

  10. Nice job. F those people dude.

  11. Thats just disgusting.

  12. glad you killed them, i just had to do the same thing, seems they are always the worst players eh? i also found 2 duos teams working together….

  13. You could of done a squad with no fill.

  14. Snipe4 shots were sick tho

  15. best justice ever

  16. All that stone and metal and you kept rebuilding with wood. :/

  17. I found 3 teamers

  18. This happens because the code on top left.

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