3DNes Emulator – Beta Release

Web Url: http://3dnes.com
SMB1 demo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bKHYgiLuiNU
First Person Play Demo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Td_vdV7QG04


  1. Many comments agrees that MegaMan is the best. It’s true but not totally
    true. Let me explain it. The new sprite will be calculated, built and
    positioned only one time at its first appearance then cached for later
    usage. Mega Man part is recorded at the second life so there is no new
    sprite. Everything is clean/clear. Other games are recorded at the first
    try there are glitches, blinks every time one new sprite appears. This
    video was recorded as a tech demo not as a trailer so i tried to show how
    3dnes actually functions in the background not how user experience is …
    well from the second life 🙂 .That’s the story behind the scene.

  2. Can’t wait to see SEGA games in 3D

  3. Awww Contra, Megaman and Mario in 3D! I love this!!! Is Awesome!

  4. Now we can finally play updated versions of classic Mega Man. Thanks for
    none of that effort, Capcom.

  5. interesting (minus the stealing roms dealeo) needs some work on the sound
    for a start…

    how does it work though?

  6. this looks so cool.

  7. im addicted to this kind of music

  8. Metal Storm really needs to be in 3d, it had some of the best backgrounds
    on nes

  9. Still looks better than Black Ops 3 on previous gen

  10. How do you play different games on it?

  11. This might be the coolest thing I’ve ever seen.

  12. i dunno……i guess if you work out the glitches and bugs this could be
    something….not sure how long this will entertain people though. People
    might get sick of it later and not care about it anymore.

  13. This is so extremely cool. Please continue development on this project!
    Keep it up! :)

  14. Very cool. Mega Man definitely benefits the most from this project. Can’t
    wait to see how things look once all the bugs are worked out!

  15. Reminds me of 3D Dot Game Heroes.

  16. This is really neat. Definitely huge potential!

  17. Can’t wait to play Action 52 in 3D

  18. Excellent, very impressive effect! 9:48 Super mario pipe 3D effect awesome!

  19. nice but release it for pc please.

  20. Dude, I want this for GameBoy games now! Give me 3D Kanto! 😀 Such a rad
    job building this. I’m sure this took a large amount of effort coding and
    getting the sprites to even look like this.

  21. did you create height maps for each sprite, or is it dynamic?

  22. Semper Ubi Sub Ubi (dialm4munkee)

    [Enter text here]Dr Mario is playing like he took too many pills

  23. Can’t wait to see SNES games in 3D

  24. Castlevania and Mega Man look the best for sure.

  25. This is both impressive as hell and not quite there.

  26. I wonder what Rad Racer would look like on it?

  27. This is so bad. I don’t know why you guys think it’s cool. Even if it works
    correctly, it’s still bad.


  29. Incoming *Nintendo* to shut it down in 3, 2, 1…

  30. Wow, the warp pipes look perfect.

  31. Trippy as hell but awesome! Zelda and Final Fantasy with this will be crazy

  32. WhatWereTheyThinking

    Ok great idea, looks cool, I am all for it, except the audio, its choppy
    and hurting my brain. Will they fix this at some point?

  33. This is amazing.


    Hey man it’s very great …… how did you manage on to do this?

    The emulator of yours, take every pixels / sprites / textures from the
    original Rom and make them as a physical object, and then make the shaders
    and another tridimensional graphical effects for them?

  35. Pixels 2

  36. Perfect, fui pego de surpresa, não esperava por um emulador capaz de fazer
    isso :D

  37. once you get those weird glitchy points where the background wants to come
    to the foreground this will be fantastic, this is already groundbreaking
    and i’m really excited to see the potential of this

  38. This is not a beta, this is maybe an alpha!!! Too many bugs and glitches!!

  39. 熱血硬派くにおくんで見てみたい

  40. with some refinment this thing will be awsome

  41. sérieux c’est de la merde O_o

  42. i wanna see this on a game like rad racer. rad racer 2 to be specific. :D

  43. Is there a source code repository for this?

  44. Aaaaah se a Nintendo descobre…..
    Mas convenhamos, um projeto desse, assim como o remake que iriam fazer do
    Chrono Trigger remasterizado, deveria ser reconhecido e continuado. Fico me
    perguntando porque eles não contratam esses caras de vez, assim como o FBI
    faz com os hackers que invadem os sistemas deles?!

  45. If someone would have told me, in 87, that i will be able to play mega man
    in 3D, online in a web browser, i wouldn’t have understood a word. Mostly
    because i was toddler at the time.

  46. My Raspberry Pi wants this badly!!! ;)

  47. Megaman looks perfect and so does SMB3. When the 3D objects cast the
    shadows, they look like a realistic animated stop-motion diorama.

  48. The Animated Gamer (AnimeGamer)


  49. this is awesome! shame some games are buggy


  51. Is it possible to add it so you can save the model it creates as a obj? I
    would love to have an easy way to get 3D models of mario and luigi.

  52. If they get this working with the snes and f-zero, I would be so happy.

  53. Even if its not perfect, this is awesome.

  54. Hopefully we can create profiles for games to improve the effect.

  55. How does it know that the green pipes in Mario are supposed to be round?

  56. Ah the Legend of Kage…. Threw a lot of tokens in that arcade game!

  57. Nintendo should jump on this and repackage their virtual console with a
    solid 3D option.

  58. What is that 6:16 !??

  59. ToDreamOrNotToDream

    You will need special 3d profiles for each game. I don’t think this could
    be done with one 1 universal algorithm, unless you want very cheap effect.

  60. 6.15->6.16 =)) see something
    by the way wanna play mario with this


  62. Dreamer, pioneer…

  63. 6:15 that’s a pennis!

  64. the ability to create something like this shows that person was a genius,
    sadly his/her gaming skills aren’t genius my little sister can play better.

  65. sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet i need to see street fighter 2010

  66. http://nes–still-the-best.deviantart.com/gallery/

    A collection of my voxelization of NES games. Can’t play them, but it
    should get the point across of how great this concept could look if it were
    crisp and glitch-free.

  67. Brian “Zollery” Black

    I like this idea, must have taken alot of time to get this far, but why
    does is the sound kinda off?

  68. a production of VietNamese

  69. 10:16 How does the emulator know that the pipe should be shallow inside? It
    can’t be automatically calculated, the creator must have had some input.

  70. What’s with the weird phallus at 6’16?

  71. The emulator probably needs to be in voxels rather than cubes, as it would
    be easier to render voxels than cubes, and since voxels can just be colored
    cubes it’d be perfect for pixel to pixel aspect ratio.

  72. Vasculio Farspire

    Keep up the good work!

  73. Mega Super Cool.

  74. Dark Lord Skelebone

    aw dudes, Mother 1 on this.

  75. ThingsYouCanWatch

    Man, I’m loving how megaman looks. I can’t think of any other games that
    manage to look like a diorama like that, except…maybe 3d dot heroes?

  76. 0:07 Dr Mario
    1:19 Contra
    3:24 Mega Man
    6:31 The Legend of Zelda
    8:20 Super Mario Bros. 3
    13:03 The Legend of Kage
    17:00 Castlevania

  77. Intelligenz Bestie

    it would be cool if you could render the voxels as marching cubes as a
    sort-of “de-pixelization”

  78. Genius coding going on here, nice work!

  79. amazing

  80. This is awesome! :D

  81. This is something I’ve always wondered about, but never thought it’d be
    efficiently doable. This is super impressive and may start a new niche
    group dedicated to it, that’s my hope anyways. Ya’ll seriously outdid

  82. Nguyễn Hoàng Thanh Phúc

    Cố lên.

  83. MEGAMAN LOOKS FUCKING SICK! It’s like the whole game came alive.

  84. megaman wins

  85. absolute crap

  86. good

  87. TeamPower AwesomeTeam


  88. So why does this have to be online only?

  89. This thing sucks. Made the games look worse! Too glitchy.

  90. absolutely brilliant! I’m excited for an executable, nes was my first
    system when I was a kid, and it will always have my heart. I’d like to play
    gun nac, Jacky Chan’s Kung Fu and many others on here. Really though, well

  91. Pedro Henrique Nunes França

    3DSNES Wait

  92. awesome :)

  93. I’m curious about the process in which the devs generate voxels from
    texels. Is it done primarily on the CPU or through a shader?

  94. Taking nes to whole new level.

  95. fuckin awesome. i got pretty much done playin nes games, but id try some
    like this. i have a edited version of megaman 2, where i made megaman
    sleepy the entire game, never opening his eyes, and i think itd be
    hilarious to see it in 3d XD

  96. Totally Radical Dude

    i wish there was a snes and genesis version. castle of illusion or dkc
    would look crazy

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