You thought you were Alone in Hell? Heh… The Man Man is stalking you for you did during the Grainwind Incident 77 in this 3 Scary Games!
TYLER HAS SOMETHING TO TELL YOU ►► https://open.spotify.com//4Hn3qhWe5NqnhLFKytyfFW

The Man Man ► https://corpsepile.itch.io/the-man-man
Alone in Hell ► https://mrconqueror.itch.io/alone-in-hell
Grainwind Incident 77 ► https://azagamestudio.itch.io/grainwind-incident-77

Horror Outro ► https://soundcloud.com/shurkofficial/haunted


  1. Michael The Demon Wolf

    One day late but still great!

  2. I never thought I’d hear the day when Markiplier quotes “Llamas With Hats.”

  3. Mikado Power ranger

    At 17:40 it says “mom, don’t cry because your son’s a thief, the one who should cry is the one whose son’s an asshole”😭

  4. 17:39 It’s in Russian: “Mommy, don’t cru (the original has a grammar mistake) if your son is a thief, let cry the one who’s son is a bastard” (“bastard” as in a bad person, not an illegitimate child)

  5. i cant wait to see the mini horror game he has made for us at the end

  6. the first game is just a different walking dead universe 💀

  7. That “mama he hueueue” text on the wall says “mother don’t cry that your son is a thief, leave that to mother who’s son is a prick” in Russian
    And the other interesting one on the wall next to g-man says “Alena, you have a great ass, let’s date”

  8. the breathing definitely over stayed its welcome lol

  9. we’re never left😭😭😭😭

  10. 20:25 i bet thats a bug

  11. Could mark not simply hold the buttons down to move for Man Man? the button mashing seemed unnecessary….if not hilarious, watching him fight the controls xD

  12. 12:00 “This ain’t so bad…” *I SEE BIG FACE*

  13. Leticia Vandervert

    “I too feel many things in my bones”
    Plier,Mark 2022

  14. Sue my name is Darryl and my nickname is manman, i feel so appreciated yet stabby

  15. mark: i’m an expert at parkour and nobody question that
    me, a distractable listener: 😶

    the one and only thing Mark has ever done that has scared me
    I want to punch him

  17. This first game was good. And mark’s little song at the end of the first game was good. Just like in his fnaf series when he would sing. :0)

  18. 23:29 POV: you’re Logan Paul

  19. Tbh the concept of “crawling” ennemies that are stuck on the ground infiltrating you home is somehow really scary and if the first game wasn’t for “fun” and more in an horror perspective it could have some sick idea behind it even if it’s short. Like good old night creepy stories .

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