The Unhinged Crypt Terror is here! THEY ARE HERE IN THIS 3 SCARY GAMES!!
TYLER HAS SOMETHING TO TELL YOU ►► https://open.spotify.com/show/4Hn3qhWe5NqnhLFKytyfFW

The Crypt Terror ► https://daniel-buckley.itch.io/the-crypt-terror
Unhinged ► https://apish-box-games.itch.io/unhinged
They are Here ► https://deklazon.itch.io/they-are-here

Horror Outro ► https://soundcloud.com/shurkofficial/haunted


  1. Arda Ali Tanrıkalı

    About 300 scary games damn

  2. New lesson learned: never turn around

  3. i swear, i think i became jump scare immune to all games thanks to mark, after like ep 30 or so, its just natural to not get scared

  4. Yay more scary videos

  5. I was homealone and too scared to watch this but now my parent is home and i can finally enjoy the horror

  6. Blits Riderfield

    the thing about the coordinates, they take you to a real place called Grasshopper Creek.

  7. TheDiamondDogMicah


  8. if you want to know all the jumpscares:
    The Crypc Terror
    They are here:

  9. 12:40 bro what a convincidence that’s a cecum laying on the ground and i could have lost mine today

  10. Leave it to Remm

    I turned around

  11. The fist game when mark has the lantern it reminded me of the one video he did where he was just yelling where is the blacksmith

  12. For five nights…. hehhhhhhhh -mark

  13. I wonder how many people died while wachting this video, anyone as curious as me?

  14. Totes Radical Brah

    Never get tired of these

  15. DogLookingBackAtYou

    Bannock is a real life ghost town

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