2019 Pokémon Press Conference

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Phew… That was a LOT of news!

Watch the Pokémon Press Conference in its entirety to catch all of the announcements, Trainers. What are you most excited for?


  1. To everyone who’s too lazy to watch the entire thing, here’s a summary of what they announced:

    * Detective Pikachu on the Nintendo Switch

    * Pokémon Home, which is a cloud-based storage service. It’s basically a much bigger version of Pokémon Bank, with more Pokémon games supported. Here, you can transfer and store Pokémon from Virtual Console Pokémon games, to Pokémon GO, to Pokémon Let’s Go, and many more.

    * Pokémon Sleep, which is basically a device/app that is supposed to help you sleep. It’ll reward you with in-game rewards depending on how much you sleep and how you’re keeping time of your sleeping schedule.

    * Pokémon GO+ Plus. Basically like that Pokémon GO wristband but a better version of it. This is what’s supposed to keep track of your sleeping schedule.

    * Pokémon Masters, a new Pokémon mobile game, featuring almost all trainers and Gym Leaders from all Pokémon games and even the anime.

    * Pokémon Shirts. A previously Japanese-exclusive Pokémon-themed clothes store, now launching in North America and Europe.

    Thank me later.

  2. please name the next Detective Pikachu game, District Attorney Eevee

  3. Pokemon GO: Lets get everybody outside!
    Also Pokemon: Pokemon Go Home and Sleep.

  4. Anyone noticed that the translator laughed at the Pokemon Plus + section?

    That’s my highlight. @23:25

  5. Me:What is it going to be now?Pokemon sleep?

    *Pokemon group actually puts pokemon sleep as its name*

    Me:*surprised Pikachu face*

  6. ‘We plan to bring more of our services to native chinese speakers’

    Chinese government: LEMME STOP YOU RIGHT THERE

  7. Morgana: go to bed
    Me: **using a pokemon sleep device**

  8. Pokemon Sleep: I sleep
    Brock with his shirt off: WOKE

  9. Taylor of Darchera

    What if Pokemon Go and Pokemon Sleep are just the beginning.

    They’re working on Pokémon Eat, Pokémon Hydrate, Pokémon Workout, Pokémon Survival, and Pokémon Finances to TRAIN US.

    By 2030, the top players from each game will be decided and they will be given the first real Pokémon and sent on a real journey. It’s all a test, so prepare well, fellow trainers.

    But that’s just a theory. A GAME THEORY

  10. Sounds like another excuse to take a 4 hour nap in the middle of the day

  11. the translator’s trying not to laugh and the stutterings are making my day XD

  12. Pokémon: Pokémon Sleep
    Fans: I sleep
    Pokémon: exactly

  13. Pokémon masters: ….
    Pokémon home: WOKE
    Pokemon sleep: ASCENDED

  14. Pokémon Sleep: Exists

    Darkrai: *It’s free real estate*

  15. Pokémon Sleep might actually save us. The final piece to becoming a true Pokémon Master… healthy sleep habits.

  16. Insomnia: exists

    Pokémon company: “I’m about to end this mans whole career”

  17. Bungie Chief LogicalTips

    Nintendo: (Created Pokemon Sleep)

    Nintendo: We’ve done it, boys. Insomnia is no more

  18. Employee: “SIR! Our users are going on 24h Pokémon GO runs, their health is in danger! What are we going to do?”
    Ishihara: “Initiate project SNORLAX”

  19. Pokemon Sleep: “Look forward to waking up every morning.”
    Me: *choking up* oh god finally

  20. Nintendo: we shall release Pokémon sleep

    Jigglypuff: *heavy breathing*

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