2017 World Championship: Play-In Day 1

2017 Championship Play-In Day 1 #Worlds2017

Team WE vs. Lyon Gaming
Cloud9 vs. Team oNe Esports
vs. Lyon Gaming
vs. Cloud9
Gambit Esports vs. Team WE
Dire Wolves vs. Team oNe Esports

Watch all matches of the split here from all of our leagues: LCS, EU LCS, LCK Champions Korea, LPL.
You can always learn more and view the full match schedule at http://www.lolesports.com.


  1. Why there isnt any comments here

  2. Why does it start at 3hr for me i cant put it back to beginning

  3. it says video is 7+ hours long, but when i click it it is only 4hrs

  4. ssssssssss

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  6. contractz = man baby

  7. Dragmanguy getwrecked

    Raise your koalas lmao… No one here says that.

  8. worst world commentators ever


  10. woww 7 hora de video

  11. Lmao if you listen closely you can hear the other commentators during the 2nd C9 game

  12. Dungeons And Warhammers The Gathering

    Where are the immortals?

  13. Guys amazing strategy(you.vi) #KApWcZx7TNW thank me later on !!

  14. Zirens hair is thinning

  15. Christopher calcaneo

    Go Lyon!!

  16. Cast Start: 52:55

    WE vs LYN Picks and Bans: 1:22:34
    WE vs LYN Game Start: 1:29:59

    C9 vs ONE Picks and Bans: 2:38:37
    C9 vs ONE Game Start: 2:46:15

    GMB vs LYN Picks and Bans: 3:34:29
    GMB vs LYN Game Start: 3:41:20

    DW vs C9 Picks and Bans: 4:33:29
    DW vs C9 Game Start: 4:39:05

    GMB vs WE Picks and Bans: 5:29:19
    GMB vs WE Game Start: 5:36:42

    DW vs ONE Picks and Bans: 6:24:49
    DW vs ONE Game Start: 6:31:14

  17. Mystic is so shy

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