A driver received a stern warning from police after he was observed by officers in the York Regional Police helicopter, Air2, driving around the City of Vaughan catching Pokemon.

On Monday, August 8, 2016, at 3:23 a.m., officers in Air2 spotted a motorist in a Mercedes driving suspiciously in the area of Keele Street and Teston Road in Vaughan. The helicopter followed the vehicle as it drove erratically, then stopped in a parking lot off of Keele Street. The vehicle then started driving again, entering a residential neighbourhood where it stopped in front of a park. The car then started driving again making suspicious turns in the middle of the roadway. The vehicle was eventually stopped by police in the area of Saint Joan of Arc Avenue and Drummond Drive. Officers spoke with the driver who advised that he was just out to catch them all.

The driver received a stern warning from officers on the potential dangers of driving while distracted.

Since the launch of the Pokemon GO app York Regional Police has received a number of calls from concerned citizens who have recently seen groups of people wandering and gathering in places across the region.

York Regional Police would like to remind members of the public and players that any distraction while driving or walking on or near roadways can be hazardous. Citizens are urged to be aware of their surroundings and that large groups of people gathering in areas across our region could be Pokemon GO players.

Police are also encouraging game users to be aware of traffic signals and vehicles on roadways. Players are reminded they are not allowed to enter private property if No Trespassing signs are clearly posted. If on private property and asked to leave by the person responsible for that property, players must immediately leave. Failure to do so may be in violation of the Trespass to Property Act.

Citizens and business owners should make themselves aware of the Trespass to Property Act which can be found at the following link: https://www.ontario.ca/laws/statute/90t21

If you are concerned with people trespassing or if any criminal act is believed to have occurred please contact police right away. For more information contact Corporate Communications at 1-866-876-5423 x2664.


  1. HailFromAzalia1990

    USELESS COPS. I mean all cops are useless but this cop is dumb. im
    surprised he didnt give the guy 5 warning shots

  2. damn lmao look at all those comments complaining. i expected memes, not
    whiny people tbh.

  3. What a fucking MASSIVE waste of taxpayer money. Go stop some sex
    traffickers you gutless cowards. You’re so weak and afraid all you can
    stand up to is people smoking pot or people playing Pokemon. Grow a pair of
    balls and go after real criminals, faggot cops.

  4. So if you’re out at odd hours doing anything illegal, just make sure you
    have Pokemon Go loaded up on your phone so that you have an alibi.

  5. These comments are unbelievable.
    I could never work in law enforcement.

  6. Who posted the video… Are cops allowed to take home footage?

  7. “Hopefully he got all his pokemons” ???


  9. at that time, somebody was robbed and the police are chasing pokemon

  10. looks like a 4 series BMW

  11. Loser cops don’t know that the best pokemons spawn at night time.

  12. The ojibwe Woodsmen

    This is stupid but dose anyone know where I can buy a IR or thermal camera
    like the one in the video.

  13. great use of tax dollars you fucking twats. joy ride in a helicopter on
    your own dime.

  14. The question is witch pokemon was he trying to capture?

  15. So you can say that he’s…..

    Driving irresponsibly

  16. gotta not catch em all!

  17. hopefully he got all his pokemon

  18. Omg, that’s hilarious.

  19. These cops are really cool

  20. Gotta Hatch those Eggs

  21. If your just gonna play it. Played it right. Lazy dumbasses.

  22. The cops also wasted time & money. They could have been looking for some
    black guy to beat up.

  23. OfficeBear IMBACKURMAD

    Launch a hellfire missile on the fucker ahah CoD4 nostalgia

  24. So we learn dude was not black lol!!

  25. Anyone who plays Pokemon go is brainwashed

  26. probably some asian kid in his dads mercedez catching pokemon

  27. Just ban the fucking game. Its shit now anyways. Flawed in-game tracking
    system, people using bots, buying accounts, cheating, etc.

  28. thank gosh the roads/streets was quiet & no kids out and about

  29. Imagine if the guys in the helicopter dropped a lure module 😐 Nevertheless
    the night vision on York Region Police choppers are on point :O

  30. what a waist of resources lol canada has gone down hill

  31. And for those complaining about tax dollars, before they found out the guy
    was hunting Pokemon, the copter was following the car for being suspicious,
    I’m sure you would have been happy with the money spent if it was a person
    casing the neighbourhood to find a house or person to rob, they did the
    right thing checking it out….

  32. this game is so immature poeple need to grow up. why do another hobby. this
    pokemon crap is getting on my nerves. get a life poeple.

  33. Lol I was walking my dog and saw this copter wondering what it was
    following, now I have my answer :)

  34. I find the comment really crazy. That guy was driving around suspiciously
    so of course they would want to check this guy out and follow him. They
    wouldn’t have known he was Pokemon hunting unless they stopped him, he
    could have easily been a robber looking for houses to rob or murderer. Who
    do they think the cops are, superheroes that can read someone intention
    from far away

  35. I see this every single day. Should’ve dragged him out and shot him.
    Fucking idiot.

  36. Montgomery Bojangles

    R.I.P. Tax dollars

    Maybe the YRP needs a new chief, this is horseshit…..

  37. what’s the world coming to seriously. everywhere I go piles of people
    buried in there phone there’s way more to life.

  38. losers

  39. So this is what my tax money goes toward, the cops spying on innocent
    people in Helios.

  40. people are so lazy can’t they just walk ? ,

  41. this is why kids are smoking crack… do real police work. fuck sakes

  42. 5:32 “10-4 Hopefully he got all his pokemons” ?

  43. extreme waste of taxes.
    taxation is theft and this continues to prove it

  44. at 00.14 i thought they launched a missle and to be honest I actually
    wished that they did

  45. 0:14 WutFace, thought those were gunshots.

  46. I’m sure there’s a real crime somewhere……
    and I’m sure police union wants more funds…….if we spent more on
    education then we wouldn’t have as much morons

  47. We should pay the cops in pokemon go currency for their services

  48. Massive houses

  49. 5:15 thank me later. And don’t read the comments. It’s a bunch of idiots
    complaining about tax payers’ dollars.

  50. Plot twist. The police in the helicopter knows that there is a rare
    ‘Pokemon’ in that car…

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