16,000,000 SUBSCRIBERS!

I love this community!


  1. 12 second later
    NEW VIDEO : 17,000,000 SUBSCRIBERS!

  2. How many likes this comment and video gets is how many videos Jack will make until he quits youtube




  4. where are my black people. or anybody who likes black people

  5. LET’S GET JACK TO 20 MILLION BEFORE 2018!!!!!!!!!

  6. His eyes are so beautiful. I know that had nothing to do with the video but I just wanted to say it

  7. I’ve only been watching your channel for a couple of years now, but I always come back here almost every day. I, of course, don’t know you, all I have to go off of is how you are in your videos and you come across as a caring and understanding person. Here you sit at the center of a community of 16 million people, from all walks of life, but I don’t see you shut them away or ignore them.

    You’re able to recognize the value of the individual and I think that’s what I respect most about you. I see you replying to people in the comments and taking the time to interact with as many people as you can, you understand what got you to where you are today, the people, this community that I and millions of others are proud to be a part of.

    Congratulations on 16 million subscribers Jack. You’ve earned it.

    Today 16 million, tomorrow, the world!…or like ten thousand more.

    Cheers and best wishes.

  8. What the heck his 15 million subscriber video was like a couple months ago how does he do it he’s awesome I’m so amazed go jack

  9. Mary-Grace Bannon

    Heroes Don’t Always Wear Capes,
    Mine Wear Headphones.

  10. I’ll always be here. All the way to the end.
    Congrats on 16mil! Love you. Not in a weird way, but more like a friend way.

  11. ❤️?oh Jackie boy ?❤️ you have made 16 million people smile and laugh everyday. There are people who aspire to be like you! There are people who have dark lives, and yet when they turn on their device and click on a video..for those 12:00 minutes or longer.. their lives aren’t so dark and twisted for those moments. Jack 16,000,000 People accept you! And that makes them accept themselves!! Watching these videos makes me feel all good inside. Instead of a “hello” I can say ” top of the morning to ya laddies ” and feel proud. Just take a minute, let it settle in..16,000,000 PEOPLE!!! And I know you won’t see this..but that’s ok! Because this is just one of 16,000,000 people saying congratulations!! ILYSM!! ( in a normal fan way ) ???

  12. Jack you mean more to me alot not my family and stuff I mean you are my family and when I’m sad you make me happy and I’m not full Irish but I am a little bit and when I here your voice it’s like a joy giving voice for me and I think that 16 million subs is not enough I think u need all the subs in the world and my dream is to meet you

  13. Average Ryan's Anims

    remember when you had 16,000,000 =]

  14. Not all heroes wear capes, some have bright green hair and an Irish accent

  15. when you realise I was watching his vids for 3 years and he’s always been so kind and heartful and isn’t scared to show emotions that’s why I’ve stayed for so long and he’s funny kind and smart I love you jack keep going don’t let haters stop you from doing what you want -TheOtherGreenBean btw I dyed my hair jade cause of how happy I am for you having a lot of fans and friends who back you up keep going my friend

  16. Brance Halterman

    CONGRATS SOON YOU’RE GONNA CATCH UP TO VANOSS!! You’re better than him anyway in my opinion. He has all those subs bc of his friends he plays with and the editing. You though? You have all these subs cause you make everyone feel welcomed. A family with 16 million people, thanks to you. Your energetic. funny, and most of the time adorable (No one take that wrong hehe) I get so happy when I get a ding on my phone and it’s a video from you. When I have a bad day I can always count on you to make me laugh harder every time. We love you Jack. We love what you’re doing. And I’m pretty sure it’s safe to say that we’re all grateful to you and what you do. Keep up the amazing work and one day you’ll hit 20mil, 40mil, 60, 80, 100. We’ll be here all the way.

  17. Dear Sean,

    Thanks for making us smile everyday, even on our worst darkest days you always find a way to cheer us up. You’re always open and aren’t scared to show any emotions or feelings, you never give up to stay consistent, you are always positive and we all love you deeply for what you do. I just wanted to say thank you for everything you do all day everyday and keep doing for what you doing.

    Lots of love (no homo) congrats and stay awesome bro. ❤️❤️
    I even teared up I love this community so much❤️❤️

  18. Here’s a quote “Try not to become a man of success, but rather a man of value” – Albert Einstein / Jack is a man of value… and he became successful because of that…

  19. Γρηγορης Κωτσο

    WE SHOULD BUILD A COUNTRY ! IT WILL BE CALLED SEPTICLAND AND WE WILL BE CALLED SEPTICS! TOGETHER! TOGETHER WE CAN RULE THE WORLD! THAT’S IT! BTW this wonderful community has more people than the population of Greece. So thnx to everyone who is not toxic and keep up being kind , nice and fun. that’s it . high fives all around

  20. jack..i wanted to write this to you even tho i will probably not be seen.
    i wanted to say that my life has been changed by you and that it became brighter in the darkest days.
    even after my mom was diagnosed with lung-cancer because of smoking and she is only 36 years old,you still made me happy.
    if you were not the prson you are then i was not gonna be as happy as i will stay because of you.
    you will make me smile and cry like i cryed from watching yoour beautiffull “speech” but.. it was from happiness.

    so..tank you.

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