105 New Games on PlayStation Now Subscription


Play 6, Street Fighter IV, Man 10, Lost Planet 3 and over 100 new on PlayStation™ . With an ever-growing of over 250 games to play, there’s never been a better time to start your 7-Day Trial.

Rated Mature: Blood and Gore, Intense Violence, Nudity, Sexual Themes, Strong Language, Use of Alcohol


  1. can people please stop supporting these practice’s. thank you

  2. They should just get rid of plus games and include this service free for
    plus members, at least theres actual value of plus then.

  3. seran gratis?

  4. William Orlando Figueroa

    Are Skyrim and Dark Souls on Ps now yet?

  5. They need to mix the plus and now together to make one subscription… It’s
    too much for both imo.

  6. I think i read this is for the US market.

  7. Please bring PlayStation now to Australia :(

  8. I’m an OG PlayStation fan and even I can’t get behind this nonsense.

    This should be included with PlayStation Plus, not $20/month for last-gen
    games with last-decade streaming quality.

    Sony, you got a lot of nerve. You can’t even be bothered to deliver OS
    features in a timely fashion.

  9. Give up on PS Now and add real backwards compatibility!!

  10. Can we have it so we buy the games?

  11. we still dont have this in Austria god …..

  12. Just waiting for it to open up here in Norway. And for the price to get
    normal. They should have a deal for people that have a active PS+ sub.

  13. naruto please

  14. they should get real backwards compatibility YOU HEAR THAT SONY ITS WHAT

  15. Complelled to get a subscription for a month, I was actually gonna rent a
    lot of these games but 20 dollar subscription to play them for a month,
    that works even better

  16. Definitely Sony’s fire back at Xbox’s backwards compatibility. Congrats to
    Xbox for being able to create an emulator and play games, but the
    infrastructure between the 360 and the One aren’t very different. Whereas
    the PS3 and PS4’s are world’s apart. Which is why PS4 CAN’T do BC. But
    PSNow offers something better than BC. It not only allows people to play
    games they have on their PS3, but it has a huge collection of games people
    probably never had time to buy.

    Everybody loves Netflix, PS Now is basically the Netflix version of video
    games. It’s $10 more a month than Netflix, or $5 if you sub for three
    months. STFU about its price point. You can’t rent 250+ games for $20/month
    anywhere. Go ahead and try to find a service that can match that. You’ll be
    looking everywhere.

    But please, do continue to buy PS3 games for $10 apiece and be an idiot. Or
    complain about latency. Maybe the problem is you need to upgrade your
    ghetto internet. If that’s the case, my condolences. PSNow worked great on
    my *WIRELESS* connection, and even better when wired.

    Sony, great job. I subbed again for another month. Here’s to getting more

  17. PS Now is the reason ps4 won’t get backwards compatibility. As a person
    from the uk, the lack of high speed internet will deter me to get this not
    to mention the price. Next gen consoles are ready to stream full games but
    the Internet isn’t.

  18. There will never be backward compatibility as long as people continue
    supporting PlayStation Now.

  19. Ps+ should get up to one game at a time permanently. So you choose one to
    play each month and are stuck with it for the month, then you can pick a
    different one after month 1

  20. Don’t be deceived people. Make sure you check the PS Now subscription
    service list for the games you want/ will play before you buy it. You may
    have to rent the game on PS Now instead. I know you don’t want to drop
    $19.99 or more to play a game that’s not even available for the
    subscription package.

  21. Ok how’s this Sony? You increase the PS Plus price by $10-15, and give all
    Plus members PS Now for free.

  22. And still! Not support for LATAM

  23. Sony wins again

  24. If you put gta for ps3 on ps4 will it upgrade the graphics?

  25. ALL MEGAMAN X SERIES!!! PLX!!! Thank you =)

  26. TheSlederUser Gamer 2552

    only forma camcom

  27. Does asuras wrath come with the ending?

  28. Great, now fix the crippling input lag that makes about 50% of these games

  29. PS Now, all the games you SHOULD be getting on PS Plus -_-

  30. theyoutubnumber1fan

    Please make us buy our games not just rent them or pay for a monthly
    subscription, or even give us the option to download the games my
    connection speed isn’t suitable for PS Now and I am sure there is many like
    me who have the same problem.
    Like if you agree

  31. backwards compatibility

  32. Where’s the resident evil 4?

  33. not complaining but they should’ve called it the “Capcom update”.

  34. мы че лысые что ли

  35. Look at that number of dislikes.
    Give it up people, PS4 will not have backwards compatibility, because Sony
    already wasted it in PSnow and PSTV. I want it to happen, really I do, i
    want SF third strike in ps4 but not played with ps now. But try to be in
    Sony’s shoes, its not gonna give ya good enough profit even in the long

  36. If only this was available in all countries…..

  37. disgrace. expensive and we all own these already!

  38. Ian 13 69 Gaming and Vlogs

    Why is it age restricted

  39. Does anyone actually use this service?

  40. Another idea.. Maybe you guys could do a free ad supported teir.. Like hulu
    make you watch 30 second ads before and after you quit a game (no

    At least you could get more people to try it that way.

  41. I just want fallout 3 & new vegas, Skyrim and Oblivion on the Ps4 is that
    too much to ask?

  42. please make PS Now work like Backwards Compatibility. for instance if u
    have or own a game on ps3 u can insert the disk have it be recognized and
    allow u to play the stream version of the game as long as they have the
    disk inside and have a PS+ account since people have been paying and
    wanting a good feature I think it probably isn’t the best way to get BC but
    its the easiest way at the moment with what’s available

  43. Daniel “8till25” a

    Is kingdom hearts 2 HD there yet ?

  44. can u record games on PS Now? Earn Trophies?

  45. This is for the Payers :)

  46. vv ,

  47. We don’t need PSnow sony! We need ps classic on ps4.

  48. why do they have to do a steaming service? Cant they just make a ps3
    classic catalogue and release games there? and if it is a streaming
    service, why do we have to buy games on rent?, it doesn’t make sense, can
    someone please explain?

  49. thank you Sony for all these great games please get some 16 bit sega
    Genesis games and some contra games good job with these new games

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