100K Sub Special: 1970s TV with Xbox One X, PS4 Pro, Switch & PC

I show Xbox One X, PS4 Pro, Nintendo Switch and an Alienware PC working on a 1970s JVC Videosphere TV.
Hopefully plenty more ‘how to’ video will follow in 2018 🙂
Timestamps are below:
2:25 – Set Up.
5:30 – Nintendo Switch.
8:50 – Xbox One X.
11:59 – PS4 Pro.
15:34 – PC.
Many thanks Vince.


  1. Zm7 Gamerللمعلوميات


  2. Congratulations vince

  3. congrats vince !

  4. congrats i have been watching your videos when you had 1,5k subs

  5. Congratulations Vince! I really enjoy your content, keep ’em coming!

  6. Congratulations! I’ve been watching your videos since when you had 30 thousand subscribers!

  7. damn that tv looks dope as shit

  8. Wow.. this is amazing

  9. Your Nintendo Switch videos have really helped me out a lot, congrats on 100K!

  10. I wish they would still make insane unique looking things now

  11. When past meets the future, it was fun to see new console or device running in a old stuff like 70’s TV, Oh I miss my childhood family TV specially that static sound when changing TV mode to player mode.. thanks for the vid mate..

  12. Cuphead works PERFECTL:Y on a TV like this XD

  13. Looks like a space helmet


  15. Good god that thing is ugly lol. Congrats to 100k and well… Now 120k! Cheers!

  16. that tv looks revolutionary

  17. Club penguin Fan 2017

    Take Out The Components Then Its A Space Helmet ?

  18. +My Mate VINCE Awesome!! JVC and Zenith were my favorite brand of Tv’s back in the day. Ahh the old white noise(snow on the screen). Congrats? once again on reaching and surpassing 100,000 substers!!?

  19. this man finally got his hands on a game sphere…

  20. This is amazing! And grats on that subs milestone!

    If I were from the 70s and you were to show me Horizon Zero Dawn or Forza as you did there, I would have thought it’s real life! It looks so stunningly real especially with that tv

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