100,000 Subscribers Got Me All Emo… GRACIAS!

I got a gift and I wanted to you from the bottom of my heart!


  1. Congratulations! I love you :3
    You deserve all of dem.
    Boop <3

  2. Carolina, te quiero

  3. Proud of you Sombra <3

  4. crazy how i first saw you in that Colgate commercial years back when i was a kid… that commercial would play ALL the time and i got annoyed of it…

    years later, now im watching that same woman on YouTube getting emotional that she achieve 100k subs and she voices my fave character in overwatch… god i remember being shocked when i found out you were the same woman from that commercial lol

    anyways, congrats on the 100k subs! thanks for making our days!

  5. What are you dong with me?! ?

    0:25 tears in my eyes
    0:50 tears drops
    2:48 tears dry slowly
    3:00 i have to smile
    3:20 can’t stop laughing

    Stay as you are! We love you! Not only for your voice, also for your personality, your soul! Never forget that! Love ya! ❤️❤️❤️

  6. I really enjoy watching ur videos and i hope that u continue making them!!! And Congrats on the silver play button!!!!!

  7. Wow! Nice Congratulations!

  8. As a mexican, thanks for much for voicing Sombra, It is really a pleasure hear you while playing as her, and as for your channel: You make me laugh so much, like really thanks for the good times and keep up the good job
    -Your friend and fan MVG

  9. I had the BIGGEST smile watching this video, you have no idea, I was all ”oow my god, this is so pureee”

    You’re the best! I wish all the best for you, always! ♥

  10. Felicidades!!! 😀

  11. Hey, you deserve it, girl. You have a fun personality and you did an amazing job making Sombra such a memorable character. Also, not only are you bringing the other actors of Overwatch together (out of your own pocket I’ve heard), but you’re giving back to the Overwatch community with entertaining content. You’re a hard worker and deserve all the praise you get.

  12. Hey it’s a tough life being a sombra main but dont cry, we aren’t stopping till we hit that diamond play button! Laughs aside thank you for what you do. You’ve helped me and countless others get through hard times. Im officially a Carolina main <3.

  13. Ravassa commented on my recent upload!??

  14. I’m honestly crying right now because I’m so proud of you. You bring so much joy to myself and you’re my idol. Not Sombra, not any other character. You Carolina <3

  15. 테크ᅵ플레이아드


    … Does it look like thumbs up to you guys too…? Hope so…

  16. ;_; we love you

  17. It’s thanks to you and what you do that people are so interested in the people behind the characters. 🙂 Sombea!

  18. There seems to be a ninja cutting onions in my room >.<

  19. Came for Sombra
    Stayed for personality

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