100 vs. TL | NA LCS Spring Playoffs | Finals Game 1 | 100 Thieves vs. Team Liquid (2018)

VoD of 100 Thieves vs. Team Liquid ( 1)
NA LCS Playoff Finals 2018 #NALCS

100 Thieves Lineup:
Ssumday – Top Ornn
Meteos – Jungle Skarner
– Mid Ryze
Cody Sun – ADC
– Support Alistar

Team Liquid Lineup:
– Top
Xmithie – Jungle Sejuani
Pobelter – Mid Azir
Doublelift – ADC Caitlyn
Olleh – Support

Watch all matches of the split here from all of our leagues: NA LCS, EU LCS, LCK Champions Korea, LPL.

You can always learn more and view the full match schedule at http://www.lolesports.com.


  1. Jesus. Look at Doublelift as TL walks on stage. I can’t even imagine what he is feeling at that moment.

  2. Wow that opening was nowhere near as hype as EU 🙁


  4. So tired of the stale and forced constant ADC meta, it’s so boring just makes every other champion feel like a support to the right clicker.

  5. i legit just started ballin when i saw the opening. so much of my life has been spent watching these people. i forgot how long the journey has been. seeing double and aphro at the end there in different jerseys…i just broke down.

  6. never host an event in miami ever again..

  7. Meteos’ nightmare back – losing barons to the other team. Those memories …

  8. Why’d yall have to make me have feels for Rush Hour in this intro.. :((

  9. Xmithie, the Smite God

  10. im so happy that NA is the least cringy of all the regions

  11. I respect Doublelift

  12. Huni stole the show

  13. Full respect for doublelift playing here after everything that happened.

  14. aphro made a couple key mistakes dat game

  15. to Impact.. I S T H A T A J O J O R E F E R E N C E ? ! ? !

  16. What a great intro by Phreak!

  17. nice stuff Can we become you tube friend

  18. dark dash
    Dark Dash

  19. PapapapAaa skraa

  20. DL had a 40 cs lead very early on the game, no way Cody was catching up

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