10 Xbox 360 Facts You Probably Didn’t Know

Xbox 360 is a fond memory for many of us, one that we like to revisit the many awesome games and play from time to time. But memory fades, and it’s easy to forget some of the more obscure stuff. Here’s 10 facts about Xbox 360 we couldn’t help talking about…


  1. Just want to thank you guys for always putting out great content. Keep it up boys!

  2. Option 1 or option B.


  3. Just Some Guy without a Mustache

    Ah! The 360. Back when Gears, Halo and CoD were great.

  4. I’ve fixed a red ring before by just unplugging my console for alittle bit

    • There were tons of “fixes”. I put it in the freezer. I also would stop the fan with a toothpick and let it heat up and cook the dust a bit. Then it would reboot fine.

    • 3 rings and a flashing green LED indicates your having a power issue. 3 and a solid LED means that its fucked.

    • red ring is caused by overheated console which breaks the (then new) lead free soldering that was used by Microsoft for the first time, so the GPU connections become flimsy and the console stops working.
      The typical solution to the issue was to overheat further the console to have the solder liquefy and bonds again.
      That was achieved by putting the console in under a blanket and turning it on until it shuts down, then letting it cool and turning it on again, or my way which was lazier involved stopping the fan with a pin then turning it on.
      Also I had its top off and had a couple of PC fans which made the console live a couple of month until it really died after it had dieded way too many times.
      Good old days since it was free cz it wasn’t mine it was a friends who donated it to me after the red ring…

    • Towel trick lol

    • Meatman gaming ?

  5. Number 3 was hilarious. I didn’t know that one.

    • David B What’s extra ironic and completely hilarious to me is at the same time MS was buying Power Macs for their development systems, Apple was transitioning to Intel systems sending out generic intel Pentium 4 systems to developers…

    • I remember a whole thing on Slashdot (remember that site?) where someone shared a couple pics of the PowerMacs being unloaded on a dock at Microsoft, and got fired for it.

  6. Who remembers playing hydro thunder

  7. My 360 got the red ring in 2011 🙁 it was a sad time

  8. inb4 gameranx change the thumbnail of this video 10 more times.

  9. I’ve had mine since when I was a kid

  10. After laughing at RRoD for so long, I was bummed when my PS3 got the YLoD

    • I hope you grew up after that lol. If there’s one thing I hate. Like really, really hate, it has to be the exclusiveness of games. No way I’m buying fourteen different consoles just because I want to be able to play all the games I like. It shouldn’t matter what console you bought (or a computer), you should just be able to play what you like 🙂

    • Your ps3 can’t YLoD if you never had a ps3… *taps temple*

    • Actually I had two 360s neither got rrod but the disc drive broke on both of them

    • KWTDBlue /
      It was an OG PS3. There went all my progres & PS2 backwards compatibility lmao. At the very least I sent it into Sony and they gave me a the sleeker slim PS3 with 100GB more of internal storage.

      Exclusives are nice but if my console kept breaking like the RRoD’s 54% failure rate I’d just give up on the console and switch brands to something more reliable

    • @Christian Ivarsson You do realize this isn’t the 90’s anymore. There are only 3 major consoles, and honestly it’s not bad. Just pick either PS or Xbox as your team and get whatever Nintendo is selling and then boom, you’re golden…That or skip the two consoles and get a PC and whatever Nintendo is doing, I don’t care…

      Also stop trying to start shit you fail troll…

  11. Don Mattrick hates unprivileged and poor people….Maybe after a statement like that he is now one of them.

  12. I really like my Xbox 360.
    Edit: That Cars thing is just a failed platinum trophy copy.
    Edit 2: the original Xbox 360 design still looks a little bit like an X. You just have to use your imagination.

  13. Lol “nfl street”

    *shows nba street logo*

  14. 11:25 says NFL street shows an NBA Street graphic. Good work guys.

  15. Why not putting timestamps into the description? Anyway, here you go:
    10:39 – #1
    9:20 – #2
    8:10 – #3
    6:49 – #4
    5:42 – #5
    4:25 – #6
    3:20 – #7
    2:22 – #8
    1:04 – #9
    0:11 – #10

  16. I remember coming home from school and playing Skyrim on my 360 star wars edition which beeped like r2d2
    Those where the days


    How is a comment about always on connectivity for the Xbox One a fact about the Xbox 360?

  18. You guys forgot to add that the xbox 360 could scratch up peoples physical games.

  19. “Option 1
    Option B”

  20. $20 Xbox controller, what universe are you from….?

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