10 POSITIVE Trends That Should SHAKE UP Gaming

The gaming industry has many problems, but there are some positives worth pointing out. Here are our favorite examples.


  1. Ah yes, who doesn’t love some good ol positively!

  2. I have no life im just refreshing yt till i find something interesting

  3. A man once told me that a man once told him… and that really stuck with me

  4. It’s nice to see some positivity in the gaming industry

    • Yeah don’t see that too often

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    • Positivity is a vary rare thing in gaming industry. Not much to go around mostly it’s “hate hate hate” and it beats out positivity to the ground because people hate being goody two shoes. But it’s great to see it in this day and age.

    • Sonic Mobian you’re right, it seems people prefer to hate on something because it’s much easier than finding good in things

    • Iplayvideogames people find controversy more enjoyable unfortunately, we definitely need more positivity in general, alongside the game community

  5. Gameranx: TEN POSITIVE TRENDS that should SHAKE UP GAMING
    Also Gameranx: Mentions epic games in same video
    Me: *We’ve been tricked, fooled and quite possibly bamboozled*

    • @sinswithinOne can only do what one can when facing a giant. Epic was literally attacking Steam which had a monopoly on the business so they brought out their killer move. Who knows, maybe now that they forced some people to use their services they will focus on improving them.
      I don’t blame them for their exclusive deal and unless they decide to continue with their poor customer service i wont judge them

    • Gaming Community: I can’t give Valve more money while simultaneously ripping off the developers? Waaaahhhh!

      Let’s just ignore the 100,000,000 Epic put toward developer and open source support. All that matters is I can’t give Valve money for games they didn’t develops! Waaah!

    • DEREZZEDZ0MB Belman!

      SWBRL minecraft good

    • Scott wade lets just ignore that at least 40% of the gaming community is toxic because of fortnite! (And don’t forget YouTube fortnite cancer) Waaaahh!

    • @GhostFZ 62 no lootboxes. Just loot Pinata llamas. that you can buy with money to enjoy their “surprise mechanics”.

  6. “You like free stuff?”
    EA: Is that some kind of joke I am too rich to understand?

  7. Personally, I’d rather go back to the times when paid DLC expansions and season passes were the norm and micros weren’t a thing yet. At least if the devs were putting in the work, an expansion or dlc pack can be worth it. The whole games you can spend unlimited money on and still not have everything unlocked is the worst. It’s also changed the structure of games for the worse, IMO. I loved AC Origins but some of the rpg elements definitely felt they were squashed in to fit the micro games as a service model. I miss being able to collect every outfit, weapon, and base upgrade.

    • GhostFZ 62 Yeah, for games that are free to play I’m definitely fine with micros, although I think they should be pay real money to get specified content, no lootboxes or premium currency. Both of those are just strategies to manipulate people towards addictive spending. It’s mostly the 60$ games with micros I take issue with. I understand they want to make more but I think paid expansions that add on(not hide the ending) are the sweet spot between business expectations and actually giving people something worth their money.

    • The problem isn’t having games with micro transactions built into them, the problem is having games built into micro-transactions.
      You can’t have a successful business and a quality, experience driven game that relies entirely on micro-transactions to survive, because then you’re beholden to push people to buy them or go out of business, which is really bad, obviously. Micro-transactions are not evil and they are not a new occurrence, but paid loot boxes are definitely unethical.

      It really depends see, if the micro-transactions are just a little bit of something extra for the players that can afford them and aren’t essential to play, enjoy and excel at the game there is no harm like Monster Hunter World. How ever if essential items are held back behind a pay wall, items that when missing from the game, leave it a bland un-enjoyable or markedly more difficult and less enjoyable experience then I would say that is predatory and greedy.
      Making a full game worth say $80, and then cutting said game into several pieces and selling them for $80 a piece plus micro-transactions and loot boxes is just about the worst thing you could do.

      However.. (and this is really important) having a game that is a continuous service means needing a continual source of income, other wise the game eventually loses money because maintaining a constantly working studio, servers and marketing etc for years costs just as much money as making a game. In this sense MTs or paid DLC are what keeps a game going long term so people can still play and enjoy it at all. Letting people with more money than us spend their loose change on frivolous things so an online game keeps getting support in the way of new content and maintenance is a win win. As long as marketing is open and honest and people know exactly what they are buying and get a specific quantity of said item(s) then gambling addiction is not a possibility.

    • DEREZZEDZ0MB Belman!

      Jared Spencer Origins felt like a completely different AC game imo. The combat, Stealth, and parkour were just nothing like the previous AC games.

    • DEREZZEDZ0MB Belman! The combat was definitely different and the stealth wasn’t great. It wasn’t the combat I wanted from AC, and not my favorite combat overall but I did still have fun with the combat. I think, maybe, the parkour felt a bit more like the older games actually? I thought the parkour was as good as its ever been. I think my favorite things about the game, where I think it did excel, was characters, plots, better side quests than other AC games, and the world was just beautiful and impressive. I also have always loved Ancient Egyptian stuff so that definitely might have swayed my opinion lol That’s probably why I’ve really stuck with the series despite the fact that I’ve always found the Assassins philosophical musings kind of annoying. I love all of the different time periods and cultures and that stuff was outstanding. I spent some time in the discovery mode and honestly, the amount of work they put into making the game is staggering. So much detail in the npc routines and historical accuracy in the world design where the story and source material allowed.

    • But that splits communities. That works great for singleplayer games. Not so much for online games.

  8. EPIC GAMES? Bring the pitchforks everyone!

  9. Lucifer Morningstar

    Can’t wait to play Metal gear solid 4 on my PS5!

  10. Curious as to why didn’t falcon narrate this… This is Falcon’s type of topic imo.

  11. CD Projekt Red: *gives out free content*
    EA: “Am I a joke to you??”
    Gamers: “Yes, yes you are.”

    • @Dr.Black Phil
      Battlefiled V and Star Wars Battlefront 2 also put out free content regularly, such as maps, weapons, characters, skins, and modes respectively.

    • … no, you are an insult! …

    • @Nieildilson Souza EA has secured some licenses that make gaming for non-gamers quite interesting. Especially on the sports sector.
      There’s a new generation of Kids who want to play those sports-games born all the time and once they want more, they are already EA-Customers.
      Microsoft does something similar by combining PC and XBOX stores so that young gamers who often start with console get used to their store before any other, when switching to PC.

      Kids are one of the main target-groups for game-developers, since they haven’t had that much negative experience with game-developers yet.

    • @Dana. Almost all of those were in the Sims 2 and Sims 3 base games. That is not a free update – it should have been available at launch

  12. I like watching the entire gaming community band together against EA and Activision, while other companies make jabs at them

    • Tim Dev no because they didn’t tell people it was only online and they still accepted pre orders. Oh and bugs an micro transactions

    • Ku Klux Klan Head master

      Human Creativity But unlike EA and activison Rockstar always releases a finished and amazing game in which they then after that add in an online mode they ruin. Ea and Activisons base games are ruined from greed at the start

    • @Ku Klux Klan Head master I don’t know, the take2 ceo has said they want to release more games at the expense of quality.

    • Luckily gta casino is sooo dull I can’t see many people wasting too much time on it

    • @Grim LEEDS BoY I’ve made a good bit off money off of it.

  13. Captain Communist

    When getting free updates is seen as a new positive trend, we should start rethinking our community

    • Up until half way through the PS3 generation, my family didn’t have wifi, and the only ethernet port was used by the family computer. When we bought a game, we got what was on the disk, and that’s it, no DLC, no updates, no bug fixes. And before that, if you wanted to get an expansion for a PC game, you’d have to go to a physical store and buy a separate disk with that addon content.

      Basically what I’m saying is that free updates and content is actually a pretty big deal, because not too long ago updates and DLC weren’t even a thing, now you can almost guarantee that a game you buy will have multiple updates, and additional content is now provided regularly for free, which is like you going to work and everyone appreciating the effort, but not paying you for it.

    • Captain Communist

      @First Last Someone missed the joke

    • @Captain Communist
      Well looking at the other comments here, looks like I’m not the only one. I rarely look at the profile pics or names of people on here, so yea, I missed it.

    • When supporting a digital storefront is more important than supporting developers. We need to take a closer look at the gaming community..

    • @SpitFire GitGud I don’t get Jake on this one either. I mean is it because I am German and the manufacturer is forced by law to repair the broken stuff for 24months after purchase for free if it is the manufacturer who messed up?

  14. Warframe is not exactly my cup of tea but I gotta give them props for how they monetise their game

    • Geon Quuin Exactly. It’s all stuff that you can get on your own by just playing the game

    • Ben Fletcher and you can make premium currency off the people who actually spend money which keeps all the platinum circling the market which is really cool if you’re down for the grind

    • Nomads cheap-n-nerdy!

      Yeah but game grinds are part of the bad trends. You shouldn’t drop 30 hours for a cosmetic item or in game currency. Just make the damn game with all content progressive unlocks. Think halo 3 and older cod multiplayer. Unlocks from playing, prestige and achievement based. No currency, no micro transactions. Period.

    • ​@Nomads cheap-n-nerdy! they have to make money somehow and IMO their business model is really great (Warframe). There is no pay to win since you can unlock all weapons and warframes without paying, you just need to invest some time. If you don’t want to invest time, you invest money directly.

      People talking about grind in current games like it’s really that bad…”oooh I had to play 2 hours to get XY”. Do people forget the grind that MMOs had for example in the 2000s, something like WoW?

    • Nomads cheap-n-nerdy! How’re they gonna make money dum dum. It’s already a free game.

  15. Loot boxes and randomly adding battle royals

    Oh wait they said positive trends

  16. Minecraft has been giving out free updates for over 10 years

    • Can i have one sex please

      They making money tho

    • When are updates not free

    • Minecraft updates are a joke I would say. If you want free updates and expansions with even the upgrade of a totally different engine with much more graphical power then look at EVE online. If someone is doing it right now they are to late because EVE was launched before WOW and did this almost from the start with new content. Stuff like expansions are free, again for WOW you need to pay for that stuff.

    • @Serp D. you’re comparing EVE and Minecraft. You’re a joke.

    • @Yep I compare the upgrades not the fucking game it self.

  17. Tyrone Biggums.

    I see you’re men of culture, Gameranx. Brilliant.

  18. *Sees video on recommended*

    Me: There’s positive trends in gaming?

    *Reads rest of title*

    Me: THERES 10 OF THEM????

  19. EA:
    Sees this video
    EA: Surely their talking about our amazing surprise mechanics?

  20. I just want to mention CD-Project and their no microtranactions policy. Thay are our saviours <3

    • @Luke DS because Linux is the best. No way I would ever use windows again

    • @Fairfox
      It’s not really the best for gaming though, as you’ve pointed out not all games are going to have support for it. You can’t expect a developer to make a cross platform release across Xbox, PS, and PC plus port to every single currently supported version of every single operating system available. Stuff is going to be left out. Windows is definitely the best operating system for gaming, because it’s the standard and will always have support.

    • @Fairfox people don’t use linux, I’ve never even seen the OS running myself. You make a product for a market, linux isnt a large market.

    • @Jairus Strunk they still promised a Linux version. And obviously some people use Linux.

    • @Fairfox no reason 4 it honestly. I can understand not wasting resources on a linux port.

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