? Items and Features in Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield! ⚔️?️

? Galar Research Update ?

? Encounter Gigantamax Pokémon
? Compete in the Galar Beginnings competition
? Brand-new items and handy features!

⚔️?️ It’s almost time for your Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield adventure to begin!


  1. Everyone: Where’s the starter evolutions?

    GameFreak: cHiLL hErE’s A mInT fOr YoU!!!

    • Jamie Riley weren’t they already leaked If I was game freak id be like “Well might as well just show off these new items what’s the point anymore

    • @Hayden Maslar I know they were leaked, I just didn’t look at it

    • @Jamie Riley I know you want to avoid leaks to remain surprised but I think you should know what your getting into. Obviously you don’t have to listen to me but as someone who was excited I was disappointed with what I saw.

    • @Jamie Riley People want to see the final evolutions so they don’t regret choosing their starters. Happened to me with tepig

    • The people who don’t want to be surprised can look at the leak

  2. Rare candy: who are You?

    Exp candy: i’m You, but better.

  3. Pokémon Community: leaks every Pokémon in the game

    Pokémon Company: leaks a modest mint

  4. Lightning The Emolga

    How to make sobble smile:

    Give him a jolly mint to cure his depression.

  5. Passes First Impression on Sirfetch’d

    Sirfetch’d: It’s time!

  6. Every single pokemon: *Is leaked*
    Gamefreak: Im gonna pretend I didn’t see that

  7. Pokemon trainer: hey gengar how much calcium do you want?
    Gengar: *_YES_*

  8. “you can access your PC on the fly!”
    Robopon: first time?

  9. “Yes. Yes. Yes. Now I won’t care about my shiny Pokemon nature anymore”
    Basically every single shiny Pokemon hunter in existence

  10. Pokemon Community: leaks the cut pokemon

    Game Freak: you guy want a mint?

  11. Being able to use multiple “vitamins” at once instead of one-by-one is actually a great change.

  12. “Access Pokemon boxes from almost anywhere”

    RIP Twitchplayspokemon

  13. Everyone is joking about the mints and here I am excited for accessing boxes without a PC


  15. “The official Pokemon YouTube Channel”
    Why not just call it “Pokemon” with a verification checkmark?

  16. its 2019 and game freak is making using multiple items at the same time seem like a game mechanic

    • It’s sad cause I legit got happy when I saw that, then realized it’s only cause they screwed up such an obvious quality of life feature SO BAD in Let’s Go that I have candy PTSD Dx

  17. ImADanganronpaWeeb

    Trainer: Alright, time to feed my Gengar some supplements!
    Gengar: Gengar?
    Trainer: *_G E T R E A D Y T O I N H A L E 2 6 B O T T L E S O F C A L C I U M_*

  18. “The entire Pokedex is leaked”
    Game Freak: Here, have a mint

  19. Fandom: *burning down from Dexit*
    GameFreak: Can I offer you a mint in this trying time?

  20. Pokemon company: “Access Pokémon boxes from almost anywhere”
    Me: “i see they added public wi-fi”

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